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Fizik’s Tempo Powerstrap R5

I must say, this time of year is one of my favorites in the cycling industry. Summer is nearly over and brands begin to push out their new products, eagerly awaiting the consumers’ reactions. When I saw the new Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 hit their webshop, I suddenly was excited for road shoes, since forever ago. At only 499 grams for a size 42, a sleek silhouette, easy to adjust velcro straps and a price of $119, these shoes hit a lot of marks, including an all-black design. See more at Fizik and holler at your local dealer for ordering.

Sep 20, 2018 9 comments
45nrth’s Ragnarök All Weather, Reflective Cycling Shoe

Norse mythology is rich with tales of gods and wars, including Ragnarök, the final battle which finds the Earth battling with various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Not that your winter commute will signify the end of the world as we know it through submersion but that doesn’t mean your feet have to get wet and cold during your training, racing, and riding. The Ragnarök cycling shoe is an all-weather ally in the war against the elements, designed to keep your feet comfortable in 25ºF+ / -3ºC+ weather. Check out more details at 45nrth!

Sep 19, 2018 1 comment
Whisky Parts Co’s New Drop Bars

For those of you looking into swapping out your drop bars for something new, Whisky Parts Co’s new offerings might be of interest to you. The new No.7 aluminum and No.9 carbon bars come in a variety of shapes, thanks to the 6, 12, and 24º flair options, as well as widths up to 46cm. With the two material options, there’s something for any build, so head to Whisky to check out the details and your local dealer for ordering.

Sep 18, 2018 2 comments
Ramblin on the Moots Baxter Rigid 29’r

When the Ramble Ride popped onto the horizon in my late summer travel and photo shoot plans, the guys at Moots offered up one of their prized models, the Baxter, for me to ride. Out of all their bikes in what I would consider a stout lineup, the Baxter is one that always stood out to me as the most versatile. The beauty about this bike platform is the Baxter is what you want it to be, although it’s designed to essentially be a drop bar 29’r. How you build it is up to you and there are options like with a suspension fork, or with a rigid fork, with or without a dropper post, and everything in between. Di2 or cable, double crankset or 1x, and now with the updated boosted rear spacing, compatibility with your “other” mountain bike wheelsets. The guys at Moots are great at constructing these frames, it’s just up to you to make them roll… (more…)

Sep 18, 2018 12 comments
Esker Cycles Summons Edward Abbey’s Desert Activist George Washington Hayduke

Anytime there’s an Edward Abbey reference in the cycling industry, my interest is piqued! Back when Advocate Cycles was around, their Hayduke MTB frame offered up a modern hardtail geometry in steel or titanium, at a more affordable price. When Advocate closed shop, the owners began to work on Esker Cycles, which launched earlier this summer. Now, the Hayduke hardtail is back with new features, new geometry, and the same desert vigilante spirit as its namesake. Get out to the desert with your own Monkey Wrench Gang and see more at Esker Cycles.

Sep 13, 2018 7 comments
Ornot x Chapter2 Limited Edition Mega Matching Capsule

There’s something special that happens when an apparal brand’s aesthetic meshes seamlessly with a bicycle manufacturer. Ornot teamed up with Chapter2, a New Zealand-based company to do just that with their limited Mega Matching Capsule, dubbed the Gray Ties. With matching apparel, a specially designed TERE disc road frame open for 2-week pre-order window.

The kit includes a Chapter2 frame, fork, seat post, stem, thru axle, headset, with ORNOT jersey, bibs, bottles, socks, bar bag and macgyver. Limited to 100 frames worldwide. All bikes in this photo shoot were built around 30mm tires and have been endlessly praised for compliance, handling, and overall good looks.

Check out more at ORNOT.

Sep 12, 2018 1 comment
The Radavist Web Shop: Now’s Your Chance to Weigh In

So this is big news for the Radavist as come (hopefully) November, we’ll have a webshop, launching in time for the holiday season. We’re working on a few more site updates over the next 6 months as well, thanks to you, the readers who filled out that survey we offered up a few months back. There are limited financial resources to launch the store, so we want to make sure we stock the things you want the most and don’t worry, we’re vastly increasing the product supply. Our plan is to have it stocked year-round. Included in the list so far are all-new jerseys, long sleeve t-shirts, stem caps, water bottles, another run of Fairends caps, decals, and some other secret products.

I wanted to reach out and ask if there’s anything you’ve always wanted or a product you’ve missed out on in the past. If enough people chime in, it’ll greatly influence what we stock. Drop a line for a request in the comments!

Sep 6, 2018 101 comments