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Mission Workshop’s Pavement and Gravel Collection

Adding to their extensive mountain bike apparel collection, Mission Workshop announces their PNG “pavement and gravel” apparel. Included in this range are bibs, a base layer, a jersey, jacket, and socks. Since this lineup is from Mission, you can expect the same solid construction and detailing as the rest of their products. See the full PNG lineup at Mission Workshop.

Jul 17, 2018 1 comment
Hexlox’s Perfect Fit Thru Axle System

There are numerous standards for thru-axles and it can be kind of maddening when it comes to ordering the right part. Hexlox‘s new patent-pending HexThru Axle covers all thru-axle standards in just 3 sizes with a Front 15, a Front 12 and a Rear 12. They call it the Perfect Fit System. The length adjusts to perfectly fit your thru-axle dropout width via a telescopic two-phase thread and the interchangeable threaded end flips to fit any fork or dropout. Expect these to drop in October with a €45 pricetag.

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Cane Creek’s eeSilk Premium Suspension Seatpost

Since acquiring eeCycleworks and their phenomenal brakes last year, Cane Creek has been implementing ee’s MO to products within their lineup. The eeSilk is a recent example of that. Weighing in at only 295 grams, this post weighs around the same as many rigid posts on the market, while offering 20mm of vertical compliance, improving the ride quality on rough surfaces and reducing fatigue on long rides. By comparison, a Thomson mountain post weighs 228 grams. The eeSilk post comes in 27.2mm only, but Cane Creek offers a variety of shims to make it work on your bike. Each eeSilk is is made in North Carolina. You can see more at Cane Creek.

Jul 13, 2018 2 comments
The Radavist 2018 Calendar: July

This is the sixth layout of the Radavist 2018 Calendar, entitled “Nature is Metal” shot with a Leica M10 and a 50mm Summicron lens in Nez Perce Trail, Idaho.

“While fires can be devastating to old growth, in some biomes, it’s essential for the longevity of the forest. The Nez Perce Trail has many burn zones visible today but is no stranger to heartache and loss. This beautiful backcountry byway follows the path the Nez Perce tribe undertook in 1877 while fleeing the U.S. Cavalry. They were attempting to cross the border into Canada, to avoid being forced on to a reservation…”

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2018 Calendar – July. Please, this photo is for personal use only!
(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

The mobile background this month is also from Nez Perce Trail, Idaho. Click here to download June’s Mobile Wallpaper.

Jul 12, 2018 6 comments
Abbey Bike Tools New Decade Chain Tool

For those unfamiliar with this brand, the $175 pricepoint might come as a sticker shock, especially considering there are tools at a fraction of this MSRP, yet those other companies are not Abbey Bike Tools. Many mechanics will argue that when you wrench on bikes for a living, it’s nice to have quality tools and if Abbey knows one things, it’s nice tools. I love their description:

“After two years of design, testing, revisions, more testing, and more tweaking, Abbey Bike Tools’s Chain Tool is dialed and ready to put a wide eyed grin on your face. We broke over 10,000 chains on a single tool and pin during the development of the new tool. That’s 3 chain installs a day every day for a decade, hence the name”Decade”.”

Now that’s dedication! See more on the Decade at Abbey.

Jul 12, 2018 5 comments
The Swarf Cycles Contour is a Modern Full Suspension Steel MTB

This is one of those bikes that will be dubbed practical, affordable, innovative, sexy as hell, and people will proclaim that it’ll ride like a dream. It’s got all the right numbers, at the right price, and is designed with every possible detail in mind. The biggest question is will people buy it? See all the details of the new Swarf Cycles Contour and pre-order one today at Swarf. Now, someone should rep Swarf in the US ASAP because I really want to ride one of these!

Jul 9, 2018 8 comments
Ceramic Speed’s Wacky Yet Damn Cool DRIVEN Chainless Drivetrain System

Trust me when I say that we get a lot of kooky – and not the good kinda kooky – tech pieces emailed to us over here. From “innovative” saddle designs, to e-conversions, to surfing paddle bikes but every once in a while, something that can only be described as so damn cool, stumbles into our scope of what we call the cycling industry. Imagine if drivetrains, as we know them, could be redesigned, knocking down all recent frame design with one fell swoop. That’s what Ceramic Speed’s new DRIVEN system is proposing. You can get the gist here, but if you’d like more techy bits of info, head to Ceramic Speed.

Jul 9, 2018 23 comments
MASH Teases a Phil Wood Collab

Over the years, SF-based MASH has teamed up with Phil Wood on numerous collaborations, yet their latest project looks to be the best yet. Teaming up with Caustic Customs Anodizing on Phil Wood track hubs and seat collars, these limited edition beauties will only available as a package from MASH in the form of a complete wheelset. Don’t fret, because if you’re not feeling the presented options here, this is only a sampling of the full collection, which you’ll have to head to MASH’s Instagram to see in full glory.

Jul 3, 2018 1 comment