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Silca Has Some Tips for Traveling with Your Bike

Traveling with your bike can be a real pain sometimes, yet with the right tips and pointers, even the most potentially stressful endeavors can be as easy as a tailwind. Silca recently reached out to a handful of cyclists, ranging from pros to adventure-seekers to hand over their coveted travel tips. Head to the Silca Blog to read more!

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Explore Trinidad-Las Animas County’s Dirt Roads

“The Explore Las Animas campaign will be curated around the Native American, Spanish/Mexican, and Anglo influences that make the Canyons & Plains region a distinct Colorado bicycle destination. Lightly traveled roads connect riders to a sublime landscape dotted with old mines, ghost towns, diverse wildlife, and public access to the San Isabel National Forest, Comanche National Grasslands, and Trinidad Lake State Park. Also, signature quality events emerging, like the SW Chief Bicycle+Comedy Fest, Pony Xpress 160, and Branson Hi Lo Gravel Country can help draw cycling tourists. All of these experiences will show why southeastern Colorado is a great place for a two to three day bicycle vacation”

Head over to SNEWS to check out what Backshop Bikes has been working on in Trinidad, Colorado at Explore Las Animas.

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Help Max from 333 Fab Kick Cancer’s Butt

Max from 333 Fab is fighting Stage 3 rectal cancer right now and since our country’s healthcare system is inherently flawed, many people look to their community for support in their time of medical need. Head to Max’s GoFundMe to help him out with a small donation.

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The Great American Rail-Trail

“When RTC was founded in 1986, just a handful of rail-trails dotted the landscape. Today, there are more than 23,000 miles of rail-trails crisscrossing the countryside and another 8,000 miles of rail-trails ready to be built—making the Great American Rail-Trail viable for the first time. Analyses implemented in the past few years of open rail-trails and out-of-service rail corridors show the potential to build a rail-trail that spans from Washington to Washington. Hundreds of conversations with state agencies and local trail managers confirm that this is a realistic pursuit.

The potential of a rail-trail spanning the country has been known for decades. The time to build the Great American Rail-Trail is now.”

Read more about this project at the Great American Rail-Trail! Thanks for sending this over, Sam!

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A Fundraiser for Munich’s Guten Biken

“Almost ten years ago, David Phillips started a little bicycle repair shop in the heart of Munich called Guten Biken. What kicked off with fixing bent derailleurs, snapped chains and broken spokes in a cramped basement workshop, hidden away in a back alley, turned surprisingly quickly into a proper bike store. As Guten Biken went on growing as a business, we became more and more engaged in our passion for building custom bikes. But through that growth we always stuck to a simple conviction – that every bicycle that gets pushed over our doorstep, no matter how old and rusty, deserves a second chance (or at least parts of it). ”

Head to Go Fund Me to read more about this fundraiser for Munich’s Guten Biken.

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Short Stuff: Why Shouldn’t the Bicycle Industry Attend Outdoor Retailer?

The best way to learn is to fall. Both metaphorically and literally. Especially on a bike. If you never lean over and push the boundaries how can you understand traction, physics, and speed? That’s part of the reasoning behind the Rubber Side Up mantra. Push yourself, get air, and yeah, crash. When you fall, you inevitably learn in the process. We all do it, it’s what we do afterwards that makes the difference. Take the inevitable collapse of the tradeshow, specifically Interbike. What could the organizers have done to solidify their holding within the industry? Will they learn from the demise of the tradeshow, or will it be more of the same?

One of the points I made during the Chris King Open House and Industry Summit – other than it being full of white dudes with no women in attendance – was why hasn’t Interbike joined forces with Outdoor Retailer?

Are we not an outdoor industry? Do we not care about the outdoors? The tagline for this very website is “A Group of Individuals who Share a Love for Cycling and the Outdoors.” We ride outdoors, we live outdoors as much as possible. We are not complete, as humans, without the outdoors. So why is the cycling industry so myopic? (more…)

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Radavist Ride with Advocates: Joe and Amber, Save the Dells – Locke Hassett

Radavist Ride with Advocates: Joe and Amber, Save the Dells
Words and photos by Locke Hassett

When you say “mountain biker” to most people, the image of a baggy shorted, full-face-helmeted, taurine fueled adrenaline junky schralping berms and cutting switchbacks with little regard to the world around them comes to mind. The mainstream MTB media doesn’t help that image much, and bikes with names that evoke human dominance over landscape exasperate the narrative of a sport that is more concerned with KOM’s than connection.

We are criticized for not “showing up” to the table of conservation issues, and as a recreation group, we are often seen as a self-interested group of shredders. Trying to gain access to everything and terrify hikers and equestrians alike, drafting legislation that concerns hardline conservationists, and generally going too damn fast. Let’s face it, the sport has an identity crisis. (more…)

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Spending New Years Sonoran Soaking in Tucson!

The Holiday season is my favorite time of year. It gives me a chance to reconnect with friends, to travel, and to ride without feeling the need to take a camera with me each time. After a relaxing Christmas in Santa Fe, we headed South to the city of Tucson, where we spent five days Sonoran soaking! This gallery showcases a few of the places we rode and visited during our stay.


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