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We’re In Nevada this Week!

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time. A handful of us is embarking on a trip across highway 50 in Nevada, dubbed “the lonely highway;” this beautiful high desert road is anything but that – especially when it comes to outdoor activities like mountain biking. We’ll be hitting various towns along the way, riding trails both old and new, all while soaking in the rich history and environment that is central Nevada…

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Last Night from Reno Cross

I didn’t expect to be here in Reno during Interbike but I did expect to be in Nevada. We’re embarking on a tour of Highway 50’s best-kept secrets: its mountain bike trails. Over the next several days, we’ll be heading east on 50, stopping along the way to soak in the culture and shred the trails that are barely noticeable from the highway. Last night, we – the random group of ragtag riders – met at Reno Cross to cheer on the racers and bid adieu to Reno for the time being. While there I did my best to shoot the event, not expecting to get anything of value yet sometimes I surprise myself…

Enjoy more below! (more…)

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DirtRag’s Got Some Tunes

… to liven up your ride. Kyle inadvertently inspired this one, too!

“I met Kyle Kelley one rainy, chilly early evening in July 2016 somewhere in Canada. My two friends and I had been riding in the rain for about eight days straight on the Great Divide, and finally caved and decided to stay at a hostel for a night to dry out. A woman named Liz came down from the balcony to introduce herself; she was also on a bike tour with her partner Kyle, heading to a bike summit in the midwest but taking the Great Divide route for part of the way. We ended up riding with them for a few days across the Canadian border and into the rainbow mecca of dewy Montana. As the storms held on to us by our shoulders, Kyle kept repeating, “ride towards sunlight!””

Check it out at DirtRag!

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All Metal, All the Time, with Moots this Week!

I’m here in Steamboat, Colorado with Moots Cycles and the Ramble Ride! After shooting a bunch of shop photos and employee bikes, I can say, this might be one of the best framebuilder galleries to date on the Radavist. Those welds are from a frame being welded… no coloration there! Stay tuned next week for more!

What’s your favorite Moots Model?

Sep 13, 2018 11 comments
Trash Free Trails

Dom Ferris is a trail steward. He grew tired of seeing his trailed filled with trash, so he did something about it, using social media’s reach to get the message out and launching a Just Giving campaign, where Dom goes into detail about what his fundraiser money will go towards. Head on over there for this feel-good story and if you’re into what Dom is doing, kick a few bucks his way.

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The Radavist Web Shop: Now’s Your Chance to Weigh In

So this is big news for the Radavist as come (hopefully) November, we’ll have a webshop, launching in time for the holiday season. We’re working on a few more site updates over the next 6 months as well, thanks to you, the readers who filled out that survey we offered up a few months back. There are limited financial resources to launch the store, so we want to make sure we stock the things you want the most and don’t worry, we’re vastly increasing the product supply. Our plan is to have it stocked year-round. Included in the list so far are all-new jerseys, long sleeve t-shirts, stem caps, water bottles, another run of Fairends caps, decals, and some other secret products.

I wanted to reach out and ask if there’s anything you’ve always wanted or a product you’ve missed out on in the past. If enough people chime in, it’ll greatly influence what we stock. Drop a line for a request in the comments!

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Inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race: Race Report 03

Inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race: Race Report 03

Words by Lian van Leeuwen, photos by TH PhotosGianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi, Jennifer Doohan and Giovanni Maria Pizzato

After 8 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes, the first act of the PEdALED Silk Road Mountain Race came to a close yesterday. Jay Petervary was the first to arrive at the finish line in Chong Kemin, 1721km done and dusted.

But as experienced as he is, it was in no way a walk in the park for one of the biggest names in ultra-endurance cycling: ‘This was one of the hardest races I have done. But that is not why I took part. It’s about pioneering and racing bikes where no one did before. That is the real beauty of this race for me.’ (more…)

Aug 28, 2018 8 comments
Oakley Partners with the Trans Cascadia

Photos by Dylan VanWeelden

To say Trans Cascadia is a lot of work is an understatement. It’s an unprecedented undertaking in the backcountry of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Since its inception, various companies have come on board to assist in the trail work team’s efforts. Earlier this year, we looked at the Sycip eMTB the Shimano team worked on and now, Oakley announces their partnership with the race. Check out the full press release below!


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