Wahoo Fitness: The South Downs Way Video

Last summer 4 friends took on the South Downs Way – an ancient 100-mile ridgeline that spans the southeast coast of England. Starting in Winchester and finishing in East Bourne the historic chalk path has over 3500m of climbing and not a car in sight, just rolling steep hills as far as the eye can see. The South Downs was the training ground of UK cycling legend Sean Yates, the third UK rider to wear the Yellow Jersey. Now his son Liam Yates carries on the tradition, joined by mates Neil Philips, Sophie Edmondson, and Anna Mcleod. In these strange times of isolation, this short film is a reminder to all of the simple joys of cycling with friends. A joy that for the time being must remain a memory. Please do not travel to the South Downs during this period of lockdown, it is a beautiful ancient land and it isn’t going anywhere.

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3T’s Exploro Race and Max Models

3T’s Exploro frame and its many build kit and frame iterations have been crowd favorites since it first dropped into the gravel scene a few years back. Their two newest builds offer a “Race” or a “Max” configuration with the “Race” being streamlined around 42mm tires and the “Max” offering a plump, 61mm tire options. See all the juicy details at 3T.


Shapeless Fulfillment

Photographer and Polar Guide Ben Haggar attempts to be the first person to traverse the Arctic Circle Route in West Greenland by bike in the ‘summer’ months…


Elements of Luxury

The simplest things provide the most compelling case for build back better. Luxury, to me, is not defined by material goods, but by the very elements that make life beautiful: friends, nature, travel and the joy of two wheels…


Stay At Home Mountain Bike Photography

It’s the quarantine and perhaps it’s a by-product of all your new-found free time, or perhaps it’s a lifelong goal you’ve always wanted to pursue. For whatever reason, you want to become a MTB photographer…



LONGCHAMP follows a cyclist living in Paris, prior to the pandemic, as he navigates the city, its traffic, en route to his favorite riding circuit just outside of the congestion.


Cycling Rybachy Peninsula

Our friends from Russia took part of a trip to Murmansk oblast in the Summer of 2019. Did they partake on this trip to test out their new bikepacking bags or to have conversations with the pebbles, sandy beaches, and decayed barbed wire?


Into the Rift: the Story of the Atlas Mountain Race

Into the Rift is a deep-dive into what it takes to compete in and complete the Atlas Mountain Race:

“To simply finish the Atlas Mountain Race means navigating 1,200 kilometres of the most rugged and remote roads in Morocco. To win requires riding almost non-stop, night and day, for days on end. It is a combination of strength and sleep deprivation that only a few riders in the world can manage. Alone, unsupported and loaded down with supplies, each competitor must constantly battle mechanicals, heat exhaustion and saddle sores to get to the finish. There is no prize, no money, simply the satisfaction that comes from pushing oneself to the limit while exploring the forgotten corners of a beautiful country.”


The Ride of Your Life

William Cadham and his friends rode from Whistler to Yellowknife, which equals to about ~1600 miles with 69,000′ of climbing in 11 days to raise money for a mountain bike skills park in Yellowknife. This was the first time William had ever ridden a road bike, and the longest ride any of these mountain bikers had ever done.

SMITH just released the film on their Youtube channel and we are keen to try and leverage this opportunity to push us over our 10K(CAD) fundraising goal.


Tuscany Touring

Colt Fetters and his partner toured from Bologna to Rome last June. Alternating between following the Italy Divide and the Tuscany Trail, they embraced the credit card style of touring and spent time experiencing the culture of this beautiful country… check out the first of five videos here! Simply play the playlist to watch them all.


‘GP-1200’: Girona to Portugal Cycling Adventure

Our friend Sami worked on a project with Jack Ultra Cyclist and it’s worth the watch this Friday afternoon!

From the East coast of Spain to the Western shores of Portugal, in October 2019, Jack decided he needed a challenge and so set about riding the route non stop…

A journey of 1,200 kilometers with 11,910m of elevation gain, Jack finished the ride in 56 hours, fresh and relatively unscathed.

As part of this challenge, Jack was eager to raise awareness about mental health, in particular the stigma that is often associated with such conditions. Talking open and candidly about his own struggles with drug use and depression and how the bike has allowed him to overcome these difficult times, ‘GP-1200’ looks to turn a chapter in what can only be described as ‘a silent killer that affects us all,’ be it directly or indirectly.

“Riding my bike from Girona to Portugal is nothing compared to my early teenage years and my struggles with mental health. I just hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire others to go about pushing their own limits in search of happiness.”



Into the Rift is the story of the Atlas Mountain Race. Follow along as racers have to self-navigate for over 1,200 kilometres of the most rugged and remote roads in Morocco. The AMR will take them along long-forgotten gravel paths from Marrakech to the Atlantic coast where they will ascend a staggering 25,000 meters.

INTO THE RIFT debuts Wednesday, May 20 at 21:00 CET!


Fixed Gear Everesting

Tory Powers is a filmmaker out of Boulder, CO and they recently just wrapped up a documentary alongside cyclist Charli Mandel.

Charli had the ridiculous idea to do the world’s first track bike Everesting last May. Alongside this, Charli was in the process of transitioning MtF. On their birthday. 200+ miles, 29,029ft of elevation, over 6000 calories, and nearly 19 hours in the saddle.