Wahoo Frontiers: Lost Coast

Wahoo Frontiers takes to one of California’s most breathtaking places, the Lost Coast:

“In this first episode of season two, Ian Boswell, Peter Stetina, and Colin Strickland meet up in California for a bike trip that explores the Lost Coast. This is not just an adventure, it is the new training camp for these privateers. What do you do when you need your competition to get better so you can beat your competition later? Ian, Pete, and Colin find out as they tackle the Lost Coast each seeking something a bit different and each riding away with fresh perspective and motivation for challenges ahead.”

See the route links below…


Fastest For Now: Temporary Records In A Timeless Place

This video from Kuat, featuring Kait and Kurt from Bikepacking Roots‘ records on the Kokopelli Trail is so well done!

Spanning 138 miles of the rugged landscape between Moab Utah, and Loma Colorado, the Kokopelli Trail is one of the original great bikepacking routes of the American West.

In November of 2020, Kait Boyle and Kurt Refsnider set out to explore the possibilities, testing their endurance against the current FKT (Fastest Known Time) records. Their journeys began long before the starting line, and the progression of record times on this trail is far from over.

Stay tuned for the release of Faster For Now later this spring 2021!


Pegoretti Cycles: Reflections

In Reflections, Pegoretti riders around the world share their stories of life during the past year, their thoughts for the future, and how cycling, community, and creativity help them find moments that matter.


Flashpoint MVMNT

Our friends at Giro have sponsored a new collective of athletes and brands that stand united in a common goal to introduce new audiences to cycling. Read the full press-release on this group below!


Freitag and Brompton’s New Spin on Backpacks

Freitag began making bags in 1993 from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts, resulting in beautiful, graphically unique backpacks. Brompton began building folding bike for urban transport and more in 1976. These two brands worked together recently on a backpack that attaches to the Brompton and we think it’s pretty dang slick. See the full drop and all the info at Brompton.


FKT on the White Rim Trail (Funnest Known Time!)

While we understand the competitive nature of bikepacking races and fastest-known time attempts and records, we still love the chiller pace of bicycle touring and a different kind of FKT. Kody and company clearly set the record for the Funnest Known Time on the White Rim!

Check out a few stills from this video below.


All Bodies on Bikes

All Bodies on Bikes, a film by Shimano just dropped this morning:

Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky are bike riders on a mission – a mission to change the perception of who rides bikes. All Bodies on Bikes, a Shimano Originals film, follows Kailey and Marley on a two-day bikepacking trip along the Corvallis to Coast Trail, a 65-mile route through the gorgeous Oregon Coast Range. The pair, who both self-identify as fat, bond over their love of bicycle adventure and their shared desire to build a more welcoming and diverse cycling community.

“Nobody was talking about size inclusion or what it’s like to be a fat person who rides bikes,” Marley explains. “We realized we could contribute to this and we could make a difference. We want people to feel empowered that they can ride a bike wherever they want to go.”



Albion’s Ultralight Insulated Jacket + Backpack

Weighing just 99 grams in size small, the newest piece of apparel in Albion’s kit is an ultralight, insulated jacket that combines warmth, breathability and packability. This new jacket uses Clo’s Eco Vivo recycled insulation and utilizes 100% recycled nylon ultralight ripstop face fabric with a C0 DWR coating to provide some shower resistance. Made in Italy.

Pricing: Jacket – £145, Bag – £35, Bundle – £170

See more at Albion.