Wish One Cycles’ SUB (Sport Utility Bicycle) is Made in France

Wish One Cycles is a framebuilding and engineering operation in France. They design, build, and paint their frames, with their most recent project being the SUB, a sport utility bicycle, which was tested in the high country in Colorado during the Steamboat Gravel Race. Be sure to check out their video from the event here, see more photos of the bike below and check out all the details at Wish One Cycles.


The Postman

We watch a lot of videos over here, yet few come close to this level of perfection! This is the Postman:

“Clinging to the frayed edges of the ragged shores of the Isle of Harris, a singletrack path navigates its way above cliffs, around bays. Three friends make the trip to not only ride the Postman’s Path to Rhenigidale, but find out more about its history.

Until a road to the village opened in 1990, the path was the only overland link between Rhinigidale and the outside world. Kenny Mackay – the last postman to walk the track shares his stories – tales of community, survival and love.

They leave with a deeper understanding that this trail goes beyond being a simple physical connection between two places. It symbolises the emotional and practical ties to the landscapes humans call home.”


A Plan with a Van: building trail with the Free Radicals

If you haven’t already been digitally or physically introduced to Mark and Will of the Free Radicals well now is your chance.

Cut to: You watching the video

Yes cinema, the magic of the motion picture, the simulacra of modern life. Sure this could all be smoke and mirrors but I met these two IRL I can tell you its not* that they give off the same “truly good human” vibe that carry in this video.

I am not the only one who has been bowled over by this good vibe wave,  my local trail boss – a highly esteemed curmudgeon and renowned hater – has also seen into their souls and has welcomed them into our tight knit cohort of riders and this say’s so much.

They’re good people doing good things. Taking action, doing work, paying it forward. So thanks Free Rads and thank you to all those other builders, advocates and riders named or not putting who are putting in the work telling the tale of our trails.

*I suppose I could be part of the simulacrum as well, World on a Wire anyone? But if that’s the case its very likely you are too so then does it really even matter?



SSCXWC in Utah Video!

ENVE has pulled together quite the SSCXWCUT recap video!

“Oh, the Single Speeder. Heroic, Athletic, Stout, Bibilous, and Brave. Each year SSCXWC brings together the greatest well-rounded riders in the world to test their mettle through Feats of Strength and the most demanding cyclocross courses known to man. The red rock deserts of Southern Utah played host to this mythical event for 2019, introducing St. George to a cyclist it has only ever heard of in storybook legends.”

Hats off, team!


We the People’s 27.5″ Avenger Has Old School MTB Vibes

Klunkers and Cruisers, the early mountain bikes, took to the fire roads of Marin back in the 1970’s. Klunkers had a derailleur and hand brakes while Cruisers had coaster brakes only. The disambiguation of these two terms doesn’t count for much these days, as just about any bike that looks like this will be dubbed a “klunker”. We the People’s newest bike, the Avenger, is a 27.5″ rigid MTB with klunker/cruiser feels and disc brakes. We’ll look at the predecessor to this bike, a 26″ version, in detail this week but this bike, with a coaster brake would be all kinds of fun! Or just ride it as is. See more on the Avenger at We the People and see more photos below.


Shimoda Action X Camera Bags

We’re camera bag nuts over here so when an interesting model comes out, we feel a certain obligation to share it. Shimoda’s Axtion X bags are designed for active lives, with well-thought-out details, great colors, and ergonomics to boot. Check out their Kickstarter but if you like what you see, hurry and back it, since it only has a few more days left.


Where the Water Ends: a Video Profile on Alexandera Houchin

The University of Minnesota – Duluth has pulled together an exceptional profile video on Alexandera Houchin, the SS TDR record holder. Check it out!

“After living thousands of miles away and spending time zig-zagging down the Continental Divide on bike, Alexandera Houchin’s homecoming is extra meaningful. Growing up, she never saw a Native American dentist or doctor, and decided to counter that with plans to practice dentistry on her reservation. Through her example, Alexandera envisions empowering the next generation to take care of its citizens. “If you can’t see it, how can you believe it?””


Watch “I Just Want to Ride” a Tour Divide Film from PEARL iZUMi HERE!

Rugile Kaladyte‘s film, “I Just Want to Ride”, documents Lael Wilcox’s love for the Tour Divide for PEARL iZUMi. This video was documented by Rue and Jay Ritchey.

Relive this amazing experience here and be sure to check out our Reportage from this year’s event if you haven’t already:
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2019 Tour Divide Race: Behind the Scenes Interviews
Ogichidaakwe: Alexandera Houchin’s Reflections on Her Tour Divide Race


GoPro’s Rampage Highlights

It’s one thing to watch Rampage from a boom or even drone’s point of view but to watch it from the rider’s point of view is something else entirely… GoPro compiled a highlight reel from their athlete’s Rampage runs and it’s mind-bending!