The BCBR Gravel Explorer Recap Video

The BC Bike Race is an epic MTB adventure, taking entrants into the remote backcountry, and this year, the BCBR hosted a Gravel Explorer event, taking gravel cyclists into the South Okanagan, which provided the perfect canvas to re-imagine what a gravel bike is truly capable of… enjoy this recap video from the event.


Bjørn Olson: Northern Migration

Bjørn Olson‘s latest video project is not to be missed!

“Hidden in the far north is a range of remote mountains where one can imagine the Aesir, Frost Giants, trolls, and cave bears reign supreme. Ferocious storms, neck-craning tors of marble, herds of herbivores, and stealthy carnivores fill the realm where few humans tread, and even fewer approach with a bicycle.”


Wolf Tooth’s 8-Bit Tool Kit

Sometimes videos speak louder than words and Wolf Tooth’s new video showcasing the functionality of the 8-Bit Tool Kit is one of those times. There are three tools in the new 8-Bit System: 8-Bit Chainbreaker + Utility Knife Multi-Tool, 8-Bit Tire Lever + Rim Dent Remover Multi-Tool, and 8-Bit Pack Pliers. A total of 22 functions between the three tools will keep you rolling to the next town or trailhead.

See the full collection at Wolf Tooth.


Rapha Gone Racing Lael on the Tour Divide

This one from Rapha and Lael is not to be missed!

“Crisscrossing the Continental Divide for 2,450 miles between Banff in the Canadian Rockies and Antelope Wells on the Mexican border, the Great Divide is one the world’s most iconic long distance mountain biking routes. On this sky high trail, there’s no such thing as a regular ride. But even by ultra cycling standards, Lael Wilcox’s history on the route is a colourful one.

In 2015, Lael raced the Tour Divide – an event that follows the route – and set a new women’s course record despite having to ride herself to an emergency room en route to deal with a persistent breathing issue. But rather than celebrating her achievement, Lael set out to better it. Just two weeks later, she rode to the start from her home in Alaska, took on the trail for a second time and lowered her own record by another day and a half.

Today, the outright course record is held by the late long-distance legend Mike Hall, whose time of 13 days 22 hours and 51 minutes has stood since 2016. Inspired by Mike’s methodical approach to managing the mileage but convinced she can beat the record, Lael is returning to the Rockies with unfinished business. In the latest episode of Rapha Gone Racing, we document her latest record attempt and follow her as she runs into issues much bigger than any bike ride.”



This project has all the feels:

“Velocio Ambassador, Gregg Deal, found cycling first as a mountain bike racer growing up in Park City, Utah during the mountain bike boom of the 1990s. Today, the 46 year old father, husband, artist and activist lives in Colorado Springs and uses riding to inform and infuse his professional life.

To that end, we’re proud to collaborate with Gregg on a custom benefit jersey bearing his art and benefiting The Sovereign Bodies Institute for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirit and Illuminative, which aims to increase Indigenous representation in media. 100% of the profits from this jersey will be donated to these organizations.

We followed Gregg on a ride from Truckee, California to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation, a 742 square mile plot roughly 35 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada. What we saw was the unique connection to place, an intimate look at Indigenous culture and a tie to bike that is rarely seen.”

Check out the limited edition jersey and more photos from Greg’s ride at Velocio!


A Study of Self: Methods & Madness

Last summer, we featured The Coyote Collective’s Fastest Known Time attempt to link all the 14,000-ft. Peaks in California under human power. Now, we are proud to share their short film documenting the journey, A Study of Self.

“Hypothesis: The California 14ers could be linked up by bike in under 9 days, covering 800 miles of riding, 100 miles of running, and nearly 100K of vertical gain. In August 2020, we set out to test the hypothesis, starting from Mt. Shasta. Charlie, Jonny, and I rode our bikes, and Colin and Nick followed along in the van, filming and having an adventure of their own. We didn’t know how things would unfold, only how hard we’d worked to make it all come together, and how much fun we were having figuring it all out with our best friends. We were field testing our lives — planning out a route and diving headfirst into bikepacking. We were taking a chance on something we believed in.

Was our hypothesis correct? Did we break the speed record and find fame and glory? Check out our scientific beatdown in the first film project from The Coyote Collective, “A Study of Self: Methods & Madness.”


Jon Yazzie: It Has Become Beauty Again

Jon Yazzie, co-founder of Dzil Ta’ah Adventures is featured in this stunning piece of videography. Definitely don’t miss this one!

“Jon Yazzie struggled to connect to his cultural identity for some time, leading him to make the wrong life choices and lack a sense of belonging. It wasn’t until he made his way back to the Navajo reservation that he could regain that connection and feel at peace with himself.”

Thanks for sending this one over, Dirty!


Take an Angle Grinder to the New Hiplock D1000

The Hiplok D1000 is a revolutionary u-lock that can withstand angle grinder attacks and is currently on Kickstarter for another 30 days. The reason for the D1000’s incredible resistance against motorized attack is a material called Ferosafe, a composite graphene material that effectively resists high power angle grinders due to its unique chemical and physical properties. Check out more on this at the Hiplok D1000 Kickstarter