Pantelleria: Daugher of the Wind

The latest from Seabase is as awe-inspiring as ever!

“Pantelleria sits in the southern Mediterranean like a black fortress. Seemingly the crossing point between southern European and northern African cultures, I first discovered this island in the movie A Bigger Splash, as Tilda Swinton and her co-Stars drove up the most symmetrical set of switchbacks I’ve ever seen in a Mehari. It was this that piqued my interest, and certainly nurtured my obsession.”



Puna is about a bicycle trip in search of answers through Argentina’s highlands.


Into ‘Im, Chile

Prior to the pandemic, Santa Cruz Bicycles sent Josh “Loosedog” Lewis, Iago Garay, Mitch Ropelato and Romain Paulhan down to Chile to find dusty, loose, and rugged trails. This video is the result and is highly worth your time to watch!


Starling Cycles Brings Front Triangle Production Back to the UK

Starling Cycles has been busy ramping up for the 2020 production year. When John bought his Murmur, there were two options: made in the UK front triangle or the made in Taiwan complete bike, aka the Factory Murmur. Joe from Starling decided to switch back to a made in UK front triangle for 2020, for various reasons which he outlines in this video. As always, Starling Cycles ships to the USA. Just don’t use the USPS. ;-)


FUSTLE and Flow

We posted about Fustle’s new Causeway GR1 gravel bike yesterday and here’s a video profile on this new brand’s introduction to the gravel bike market.



Pannier and Brother Cycles pulled together a great video documenting an bikepacking trip through Scotland’s Gloomy Grampians…

Alighting the Sleeper Train at the highest, remotest station on the West Highland Line, a group of cyclists head off on an opportunistic wintry journey to ride the old-established network of gravel drove roads, only to find themselves bogged-down exploring the alluring voids in between. That’s why they’re called push bikes, after all…


Built on Baggies

Throwback videos like this are always fun and Endura has embraced their brand’s history of 25 years of making shorts, with their newest video. It even features Joe Barnes!