Made in the 1Up USA

Our friends at 1Up sent over this short video showcasing their in-house production facilities. 1Up makes the best tray racks on the market, without a doubt and they are made right in Dickeyville, WI! Check out our reviews of 1Up products in our Related archives below…


The Comeback Girls

For Malawi teen mothers Maggie and Febby, a bicycle can mean the difference between staying in school or not. Knowing that education equals a brighter future, for them and their daughters, these young mothers strive to finish their schooling despite an almost two-hour walk to school. The gift of two wheels might be the perfect answer…


Twenty-One Twelve: A Human Powered Adventure Across Australia

We all know that a bicycle can do a lot – grocery runs, pick your kids up from school, group rides, casual commuting – and now we have the bicycle as a support vehicle. In 2019 Katie Visco ran across Australia (her second transcontinental run) with her husband Henley Phillips as support crew pedaling a Surly Troll+Ted trailer. Their route followed the rough Outback tracks from Darwin through the Tanami Desert, into Alice Springs, through South Australia on the infamous Oodnadatta Track, finally ending in Adelaide 4 months later. The two filmed the journey entirely on smartphones and cut together a short documentary with the help of Yellow Tent Nomads. 

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Keeping Up With The Cartel

Keeping Up With The Cartel is a new video series following the team behind the scenes of The Good Coffee Cartel, a specialty coffee roastery, and coffee-based shop in Glasgow, Scotland. Episode 1 follows Todd and Tony as they cycle 100 miles (160km) over the wonderful Scottish countryside to visit a wholesale customer for a coffee. They pick up some friends on the way and make some classic one-take promo to keep Courtney happy.

It’s coffee and cycling, need we say more…


The Trouble with Bike Apparel

Velocio’s newest video has something we can all marinate on for a bit:

“In our push to find a better way, we’ve found the trouble with bike apparel and sustainability. We speak to industry experts on where bike apparel can move forward and the path we’re taking to improve our supply chain, sourcing and manufacturing. See our documentary to learn where you can demand more.”

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Deane Parker‘s newest bikepacking film brings you along for a ride on the stunning Kōpiko Aotearoa, a 1,100-kilometer route across New Zealand’s North Island. See the wonderful sights, meet the locals, and share in the physical and mental challenges of this bikepacking adventure.

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Dear Future Life

Mike is an American living in Scotland who’s been trying to figure out how to slide around in the Scottish mud for a few years. Over the first few months of winter, he shot this video as a pandemic lockdown project. The goal was to make something that will help him remember some moments on the bike, but without taking myself too seriously. While ultimately, this video is just a personal project, maybe people will be able to find some entertainment value in there somewhere. Maybe. What do you think?


Le Fabuleux

Fred sent in this video recap from a Belgian gravel event called Le Fabuleux which took riders from Limburg to the Ardennes over two, 170km days of riding.


Fail 3

The Volta As Aldeias Historicas is a 450 km route in Portugal with 8000 meters of elevation.
It links up 12 medieval villages and their castles.
Our contributor Ryan Le Garrec went to tackle it for his “Fail” video series,
alongside friends Sjors Mahler and Tiago Cacao,
It seems Ryan got bored of castles and failed at reaching them all.
“Those things are nice but they’re all at the top of a village already perched up a hill,
and the road to each is ridiculously steep,
I love villages and I love Portugal
but somehow castles just make me think of Middle Age wars,
I don’t really dig that,
I skipped a few and the guys did too!”