Experience by Bike Podcast: Ep 16 – Jenny Tough

This is the first Experience by Bike podcast interview on YouTube, in which Seth talks with Jenny Tough, a freelance adventurer, writer, and filmmaker.

Jenny has competed (and won the women’s category) in two of the most notorious ultra-endurance bikepacking races: the Silk Road Mountain Race (2019), and the Atlas Mountain Race (2020). In addition to competing in bikepacking events, Jenny is an avid expedition runner and the first person to traverse the High Atlas mountain range, and the Tien Shen mountain range, through solo and unsupported journeys.

Experience by Bike chats with Jenny about her experiences and mindset during some of these adventures and discusses some of the ways in which Jenny gives back to the adventure community through her educational and inspirational content.

Follow Jenny on her adventures:
Instagram: @jennytough
YouTube: Jenny Tough


The European Divide Trail: 7.601km – 86.820m of Elevation – 10 countries

While this route is called the European Divide Trail (EDT), it’s unlike the Great Divide Mountain Bike route in North America, as this route doesn’t follow the Continental Divide, rather it crosses many different divides on its journey through Europe. These divides are economic and social, geographic and geologic, historical and cultural, with numerous languages and customs, laws and regulations, but all within the European mainland.

It has been 4 years now since Andy Cox left his home in Oxford / UK to build a tempting MTB Trail crossing Europe. Obviously, it’s a pretty spectacular venture as thousands of followers on social media have watched him building the trail during these recent years – that is until it’s finally ready to show off today!

Find out more here:


… and find out more about Andy Cox at Bombtrack!


Outer Shell’s Ultra Packable Backpack

Outer Shell is one of our favorite bag makers because they do things just a little differently. Take for instance their new ultra-packable backpacks. These bags are partially made from upcycled sails and have a 14L capacity that packs down into a tiny store pocket. They weigh 64g and are perfect for overnighters and long tours alike.

Outer Shell collaborated with Mafia Bags to source some of the materials from upcycled sails. Note that the cords come in many different colors so expect minor variations in the bag you receive.

Available in three colors and for sale for $70. See more at Outer Shell!

-13” x 17” x 4” (14L) // Weight: 2.3oz (64g)
-Internal pocket also stows backpack
-Four external lash loops
-Contoured shoulder straps with padded mesh
-Partially made from upcycled sails
-Water resistant
-Handmade in California


Wahoo’s Breakfast with Boz: Molly Cameron

Wahoo’s podcast, Breakfast with Boz, recently sat down with Molly Cameron, a professional cyclocross racer and transgender athlete with a mission to improve the trans experience and make the cycling community a welcoming and more informed space. Give this one a listen for more insight into the recent anti-trans legislation passing across the country and how it affects athletes.


How Sarah Swallow is Preparing for the Tour Divide

Our friends Sarah and Jorja pulled together this video, showcasing how Sarah is preparing for the Tour Divide this year:

Sarah Swallow, professional adventure cyclist, cycling the 2021 Tour Divide Route. In this video we find out more about; 1. Who she is 2. What she is setting out to achieve 3. Where she is at with her preparation for the 2021 Tour Divide 4. and answers some questions from friends and family Check out her GoFundme for the Cairn Project here;

“For this challenge, I am teaming up with The Cairn Project to fundraise $5,000 to provide outdoor opportunities for more young women and girls. I have had the incredible privilege and opportunity to make my passion for adventure cycling as my work. I want to help create accessible pathways for more young women and girls to pursue a similar lifestyle, adventure goal, or profession. I never knew this life of mine was possible or even an option. If young women and girls could feel inspired by what I do and see that they could do it too, or to get exposed to what they love to do outdoors at an early age, I think it could make a positive impact on their lives, and the lives of others around them. Over the next few months, I’ll be fundraising for The Cairn Project by sharing my story as a young girl and how I found purpose in life through riding my bicycle as I prep my mind, body, and equipment for one of the most significant endeavors of my life. To learn more about my trip, read my blog post. To follow my journey, follow me on Instagram.


Going Without Knowing: Geoff McFetridge and Norse Projects

“I try to push projects to have something unique happen that I can take with me. Work that becomes worthy of memory. It is catch and release. You might have a photo of the fish, but mainly you have the feeling of the fish on your rod, the memory of a place and who you were with. Paintings are sold, and projects come and go. The life I live as I do them is equally important.

We are clay on a potter’s wheel.” – Geoff McFetridge


Kenevo SL vs Kaiju

At this point, people have their opinions about e-bikes but I think we can all agree that a good Kaiju battle is always entertaining. Specialized has been killing these new videos!


Built to Last

Filmed on locations featured in seven new and six existing cycling itineraries in the Cateran Ecomuseum, ‘Built to Last’ features Bob Ellis, founder of the Cateran Trail, Neil Tuer, owner of Alyth Cycles and Jane Wilkinson, willow weaver at Special Branch Baskets, with music from Scottish composer Dave Macfarlane. The film was produced as part of Travel for All Our Tomorrows – new regenerative tourism experiences in the Cateran Ecomuseum.


Gravel and Gratitude: Brooke Goudy

Salsa’s Gravel and Gratitude series continues, with Brooke Goudy starring in the latest video:

Cycling can take you on journeys, not all on the road or dirt. This summer, I will attempt to ride the entirety of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR). It’s a ride that claims not to be technically difficult, but a battle of endurance and the mind. My goal is to rekindle the joy of my childhood while reckoning with the emotions, hardships, and toils of being an adult. It will be a journey of the soul.

My bike has been taking me on adventures since I was kid. I’m flooded with memories of getting off the school bus, rushing through my homework, and getting on my bike. I would cruise the sidewalks of my neighborhood and find people to visit and places to explore.

Check out the video here and pop on over to Salsa to see the full piece.


The Race is In My Head

Kent Seki sent over this fun video project:

Anyone that has ever played a sport imagines themselves participating in some kind of championship event with the commentator announcing the play-by-play of their exploits. Whether it’s the game-winning shot, pass, sprint, hit, or play, the visualization of yourself doing these things is a natural phenomenon in sports. For cyclists, that takes the form of the play being called by Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. Liggett is considered “The Dean” of professional cycling commentary, and he brought Paul on as his partner in 1986.

As a young cyclist, I would imagine Phil Liggett making the call as I crested the famous climbs in the Tour de France, doing my best impression of Greg Lemond while riding the local hills. Of course, I was, and still am, a slow cyclist, but that did not stop his voice from echoing inside my head. In those early days, Paul wasn’t part of the US coverage of the Tour, but by the time Lance Armstrong started winning, he was there.

I created this short video of me climbing Old La Honda juxtaposed to their commentary as a tribute to the late Paul Sherwen who passed away unexpectedly in 2018 at the age of 62, and as an example of what probably goes through every cyclist’s head while training.


HOUSE BLEND: Loose Cycles, Ljubljana

House Blend is a new video project by Bombtrack:

“HOUSE BLEND is a video series presenting dedicated Bombtrack core-shops spread all over the planet. What feels better to a cyclist than to have a home, somewhere you feel comfortable with each time you’re crossing the threshold, where someone that can help to build the bike of your dreams resides, and where you can always find skilled mechanics that leave no doubt to their abilities and are always happy to help in moments when one at their wit’s end? All those shops we are presenting in this series are a focal point for a local scene, as they offer a quick coffee the moment your destination passes by, or they organize community ride-outs with like-minded individuals on the weekends – or they do both, and even more.”

This first episode features Loose Cycles, in Ljublijana.