Brandon Semenuk Raw 100

Semenuk’s latest video needs no introduction. Rupert Walker and him have been working on the Raw 100 series for five years. Practice makes perfect.


Gorilla Gravity Tests Their Carbon

Gorilla Gravity sent waves through the MTB industry with their made in the USA aluminum frames. Now, with their new Revved™ Carbon Technology mountain bike, they’re sending even more shockwaves. Watch as they pull a frame from the Frame Maker 3000 and then put it through the wringer, the Frame Breaker.


Could You Survive a Grizzly Attack?

Colin Dowler was mountain biking in a remote region of the British Columbia coast when a grizzly bear attacked him. He survived by fighting back with a pocket knife. Watch him tell this harrowing tale from a hospital bed where he is recovering from his wounds.


Watch California Golde Here!

With our gallery live from California Golde this morning, I wanted to give this video – which is also embedded in the story – a place to stand on its own ground. Please, enjoy this project. A lot of work went into it and we’re all super proud of being able to share it exclusively here at the Radavist!

Kodak + Bedrock Sandals + Swift Industries + the Radavist

There are still a few photo books for sale at

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2019 Blackburn Rocky Mountain Rangers

Interestingly, it seems the Blackburn Ranger program might be ramping back up, after being canceled last year…

“In early July 2019, three Blackburn Rangers set out to ride the Colorado Trail. At a length of more than 500 miles, and with climbing that adds up to more than 70k feet of elevation gain, the CT is no small feat in a normal year. The week before they departed, Colorado’s snow pack was 40 times higher than normal following a spring solstice storm. Emphasizing “Fun Over Fast,” this is the preview of their story.”

I can’t wait to see where this is going!


Bear With Me…

Hell hath no fury like a momma bear when her cubs are in danger. Beni Kuqi had a close call when two baby cubs ran out in front of him on his MTB.


Wake and Shred

On the Arkansas/Missouri border lies Tablerock Lake, one of the most expansive lakes west of the Mississippi River. The area is also home to an expansive MTB network, Eureka Springs. A group of riders took to the wake and shredded the trails in the same day.


ORNOT’s New Casual and Technical Bike Apparel

ORNOT knows not everyone wants to kit up for every bike ride and their latest launch reflects that with a whole catalog of technical tees, sweatshirts, and shorts. Their Merino Sweatshirt utilizes Polartec Power Wool, their Tech Tees use Drirelease fabrics, which dry four times faster than cotton, and their Mission Shorts are constructed to give you plenty of movement while on and off the bike. See the whole impressive, made in San Francisco lineup at ORNOT.