Forgotten Roads: Old Ridge Route

The final episode of the Forgotten Roads series and Safa Brian and Alex Colorito are close to home but a long way from creature comforts. They ride from Lake Hughes to Lake Castaic just outside of Los Angeles with temperatures near 100º leading up to filming this. Luckily, a bit of cool weather blew in and the two cyclists headed out to take on the Old Ridge Route. The Old Ridge Road is a great look into the past and is one of the most historically significant construction projects in California’s history.


Bicycle Kingdom Ep.2: Riding in NYC – Monster Track

In this episode of The Pro’s Closet Bicycle Kingdom, we explore the intricacies of Monster Track. Monster track mirrors the chaos of the city it takes place in, New York City. It is the pinnacle of Alleycat racing. It’s part party, part race, but in the end, it’s all about community.

Disclaimer: Riding bikes is inherently dangerous. That said, while we are not encouraging people to ride fixed-gear bikes in a crowded city, we do see value in sharing this story of a longstanding subculture in NYC and cities around the globe. Be careful. Ride respectfully. Spread bike love.


Montanus: Vivid

Vivid, a short film by Montanus, explores the memories created by the most meaningful experiences found on two wheels. For Montanus the most vivid memory was their first bikepacking trip together back in 2013. Riding bikes with 26” wheels and carrying big, heavy backpacks, Francesco D’Alessio and Giorgio Frattale set out to bikepack before bikepacking was a thing. It was in the spirit of adventure that they took themselves 1900 meters above sea level to sleep in a little hut, because…why not? Eight years later they find themselves aptly equipped with the right gear and the right bikes-the Kona Hei Hei CRs. Easy on the climbs and fun on the way down, we’re sure they’re going to continue to create the most vivid memories from their experiences in the wild.


7Mesh: The Crunchy People – A 7mesh Women’s Mountain Bike Series

7Mesh is taking its women’s MTB series to new heights in the Chilcotins:

“In the parlance of our times, the Chilcotins, if you are to believe social media, have been done. Ridden, rated, reviewed and photographed to no end. They’re an awesome place to ride bikes, but some would say documented to death. But don’t believe all you read – there’s still a lot more to discover.

So in the spirit of adventure, we made some calls to local 7mesh ambassadors Laura Battista, Megan O’Brien and Angie McKirdy, mapped out a route and headed up to the often overlooked Shulaps Range for one last adventure before the alpine shut down.”


A Space For All

The outdoor industry has historically lacked diversity. Brooke Goudy is working to change that. A Space For All is a short film about representation, community, and the work that Brooke is doing to get more people of color to experience the joy of bikes.


Outer Shell Handlebar Bag 2021 Video

Outer Shell’s Handlebar Bag is hands-down our favorite bag for a gravel or road bike. It’s a perfect size, holds all you need, even a small camera, and uses a single hoop closure system. You can read our full thoughts on this bag in our archives but let’s enjoy this new video from the brand first…


Freehub Mag: The Solution – Craig Bierly’s Wanderlust Way

This one really resonates:

“You can buy just about anything in this world but time, and Craig Bierly is a man who truly understands the sacred and finite gift of time. After dedicating 26 years of his life to the aerospace industry, he could have comfortably retired to a sedentary life in a big house, but he opted instead for a nomadic life in his van—long before #vanlife became a hipster trend and hashtag. More than a decade after his retirement, Bierly is still on the road, chasing his dream of riding as much United States singletrack as he possibly can until his own time on the Earth runs out.”

Great job on this, Freehub!


36 Hours in Kitsbow: Bear With Us

The latest 36 Hours in Kitsbow follows a family looking to get out for a weekend singletrack rip:

“When your mom is an RN in a critical care unit and your dad owns a whitewater rafting company, you might be predisposed to be ready to face anything. Being game to ride 20+ miles of flowy, singletrack riding is baked in, right? Yet, what if you’re only three years old? Bear With Us follows Dave and Katie Crawford to one of the best single track locations in the South with a 3-year-old. It’s not what you would expect!”


A Zamboni for MTB trails?!?!?

To put the new Old Man Mountain Divide Racks to the test, OMM strapped a bunch of water to them and made some hero dirt, in the high desert, in the middle of summer.

Built on Old Man Mountain Divide racks mounted to a crash test dummy painted Santa Cruz Bronson, the Dust Zamboni has two sprayer tanks that hold 14L of water and are linked together to balance pressure and water levels. To save the water for where we need it, they are solenoid actuated by an electronic switch on the handlebar. Don’t forget about the safety lights and hi-vis uniform!

See more at Old Man Mountain!


Full Circle: True Nature Series

Joel Fuller, photographer, artist, and endurance athlete, is addicted to the energy of nature – both sides. Joel believes that being outside and pushing yourself is a pure expression of freedom, but also understands how the isolated power of being alone in nature feeds creativity. Join Joel and two friends as they give it their all biking through Endangered Old-Growth Forests in BC and discuss why the environment needs to be cared for and protected.


Marley Blonsky and The Pro’s Closet

Marley Blonsky, who coincidentally won the prize for International Singlespeed Day, is featured on The Pro’s Closet YouTube today, as part of our parent company’s ambassador program:

“As cyclists, we ask our bodies to do so much for us. However, too often we end up picking at our physical self, always asking to be stronger, thinner, or fitter instead of appreciating all that our bodies allow us to do. Marley Blonsky believes that all bodies, all people, should feel comfortable and included while riding. We need to focus less on what we look like and more on just how amazing it is to ride a bike.”

Many thanks to Reese for doing such a great job on these video series profiles!


Dynaplug Racer Plugger Kit for the 2021 Chris King Open House

Mr. Meerkat is pleased to announce the new Dynaplug colorway, anodized, and wizardized with lasers by the magicians at Dynaplug in Chico, California. These tubeless tools enable you to plug holes in your tubeless tires to keep you rolling.

This limited edition colorway includes a turquoise body with black caps and the Chris King Buzz logo laser engraved in the center. Retail is set at $52. In stock now at Chris King.