The Bull Trout Loop: Bikefishing in Northern Idaho

Anglers will go to great lengths for the right fishing spot, luckily for the Provo brothers, Northern Idaho, specifically in the Bitterroot Mountains, is home to exceptional singletrack and a healthy population of Bull Trout. Check out this fun video they made last year….


True Story: Ben Hildred

Ben Hildred has spent years in search of the eternal summer. A native of Lincoln, England, he milks the Northern Hemisphere’s warm months in places like Whistler, British Columbia, before absconding to Queenstown, New Zealand, to make the most of the Southern Hemisphere summer. Ben’s quest for the endless summer has allowed him to explore the world’s premier riding communities on his constant source of ground transportation—his mountain bike…

Continue reading this story about how ben climbed 55,000m in a month at SRAM!


Choosing to Live

Salsa‘s latest video follows Sarah Hornby, a rider in mourning for her late husband. She would attempt all 10 routes he created while researching his Bikepacking in the Canadian Rockies guidebook, in a single year. Like life, her plans changed along the way…



Filmed in June 2019 on locations around Loch Etive, The Pierhouse Hotel in Port Appin and the Isle of Lismore in Argyll, ‘Distance’ is the follow-up to ‘Wild About Argyll’, which was released in 2018. In his latest film adventurer and round the world cyclist Markus Stitz reflects on his solo bikepacking adventures in Scotland and how they help him cope with the social distancing measures during the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



The latest from Ad Lips Productions has all the feels… Watch as Marc Maurer reconciles his dream of circling the globe by bicycle.

Back in the days I always thought I need to ride as many kilometers
or meters in elevation as possible
Or that I have to have a high average speed
At some point I realized that it was total nonsense
I just want to have fun and want to be free riding my bike.
I don’t want to torture myself all the time
I just don’t like the whole performance idea


Coal, Cake, and Calzone: the Story of the Clara Vale MTB Club

Every town has a community, a gathering place, and local digs. Videos like this allow us to peer inside places we’ve never been before and for that, I commend videographers for creating these vignettes. Orange Trike Media made this as an homage to Clara Vale, a small former coal-mining village in the north-east part of the UK, with a population of 200. Yet, even with a small population, there is a booming MTB scene. They ride every Tuesday no matter what, on their amazing network of local trails…


Nutmeg Nor’Easter 2019

This pandemic has us scouring social media for videos to share, in an attempt to transport us back to the time when group rides were the norm and our calendars were filled with fun rides. That’s what brought me to find this recap video from the 2019 Nutmeg Nor’Easter.


Becoming Ruby

The latest from Patagonia is not to be missed!

A film about inclusion, identity, and hand-drawn heroes. If you can’t find a hero, create your own; for mountain biker, skier and artist Brooklyn Bell, that hand-drawn hero was a comic character named Ruby J. Using Ruby as a role model, Brooklyn set out to “live like her, breathe like her, be unapologetically black like her,” finding her own identity in a mix of dirt, snow, art and inclusion.


Enjoy Outdoors, Now and Tomorrow: Part 02 – Cycling

The supply chain is disrupted, bikes are selling out all over the country, more riders are out on trails and the roads alike, is this a moment? Or is this the start of a new reality for a sport that has seen popularity rise and fall before? How will small mountain towns deal with tourism which brings the income and now potentially a deadly virus? Will tourists only be from their home state? Or will the pilgrimage to our favorite riding destinations come back to life?

Watch the live stream, discussing cycling and the pandemic here at 12noon PST.


DT Swiss’ Iconic 240 Hub Gets a Refresh

Everyone’s favorite hub, the 240, just got a refresh from the engineers and designers at DT Swiss. The old 240 hubs were so iconic, I can’t wait to see what the next generation looks, feels, and sounds like. Check out this video showcasing the new design and see more at DT Swiss.