How To Remove Seized Parts from a Frame: Vintage MTB Restoration Series – Episode 02

For part two in this Vintage MTB Restoration Beautiful Builds video, John shows how to remove seized parts from the frame as he tackles a stuck bullmoose quill insertion on this Ritchey Annapurna with one easy step!

This technique works with seatposts, too; just remove the seat tube bottle cage bolts and spray the bottle inside the seat tube, ensuring that the spray is enough to fill the seatpost itself. If your seat tube doesn’t have bottle cage bosses, try pulling the bottom bracket.

After it soaks for an hour or two, you can simply hammer the seatpost from the top to loosen the corrosion and pull it out.

You can buy Kroil from your local hardware store or from Amazon.

Music: Weathered Crest – “Solitary Bliss”

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