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The LA Tourist Race Begins This Saturday!

The first race is this Saturday! Don’t miss out, it’ll be a good one!

Los Angeles has some iconic dirt climbs and this January, Golden Saddle Cyclery is hosting a race series dubbed the LA Tourist Race. There will be three events, with the first beginning January 12th. Bring your all-road, chubby road, ‘cross, gravel, hybrid, or XC race bike out and have fun. This is a self-supported and self-guided event from the city to the mountains and back. So come prepared!

Follow LA Tourist Race on Instagram for updates. Thanks for the flier, Barry MCW!

Jan 10, 2019 9 comments
Registration is Tomorrow at 9am! Ruta de Jefe Race in Elgin, Arizona on February 16th

Registration opens tomorrow at 9am MT at Bike Reg!

The Ruta de Jefe is a race in Elgin, Arizona, thrown by Sarah Swallow and it lands in Elgin, Arizona on February 16th. Here are the details:

“Happy 2019 Everybody! Let’s start this year off by kickin’ our butts in gear with a healthy dose of challenge and friendly competition. Ruta del Jefe is on February 16 and registration opens January 9 a.m. MT.

Ruta del Jefe is a 125-mile self-supported adventure race following a variety of dirt, rocky, and sandy surfaces around the Santa Rita Mountains, the lair of El Jefe, one of only three North American Jaguars to remain in the U.S.

The ‘fun’ doesn’t stop there. We’ll be having a camp out the night before and the night after the race/ride and word on the street is @ultraromance will be cooking everyone a very special post-race dinner.

The Sky Islands region of Arizona is one of the most biodiverse regions in the WORLD and remains one of the most spectacular places I’ve ridden a bicycle, yet the region is plagued with many environmental threats and a humanitarian crisis. To read more about the route and the issues at play, click the link in my profile.

Now go get training!”

Flyer artwork by the amazing Mary Rose Lytle Art.

We’ll see everyone there!

Jan 8, 2019 3 comments
The Cub House’s Third Annual Bike Show and Swap… and Auto Show!

When Sean from the Cub House told me his dream of putting on a bike and auto show, I wasn’t exactly sure how it’d pan out. Now, don’t get me wrong, Southern Californians love their cars and in this social circle, people love their bicycles just as much, if not more. I was worried that the cars would take center stage over the bikes, or it would get overrun with the auto show crowd. Boy, was I wrong! (more…)

Dec 10, 2018 20 comments
Big Pedal at the Trans Cascadia 2018 – Jeremy Dunn

Big Pedal at the Trans Cascadia 2018
Words by Jeremy Dunn, photos from Chris Hornbecker, Daniel Sharp, Dylan VanWeelden, Joshua Lawton as noted.

Trans Cascadia starts off just how one might think. Like, any other bike race really. An unloading and loading up of vans. A makeshift parking lot or an empty field filled with characters and their bicycles. There is the usual building of bikes and swapping of tires all while eating gas station egg sandwiches and drinking the dregs of coffee on the go. From an uninitiated perspective everything seems to be going as planned, it is a controlled chaos sure, but everyone is working towards the same goal. Making it to camp. “That’s going to mean we’re going to need everyone to take their one bag and load up into the vans lined up alongside the road.” Alex Gardner is simultaneously pointing out vans for people to get into and handing out donuts from a stack of blue and yellow Heavenly Donuts boxes.

“These are the legit donuts in Portland, just FYI” Nick Gibson says to someone over his shoulder before grabbing two maple bars and helping someone load their bike into the back of a rental van. Nick and Alex are two thirds of the crew behind all this and they will be involved in nearly ever single thing that happens over the course of the weekend. From donut logistics to running point on a tricky medic situation on the mountain. Tommy rounds out the trio, but we’ll meet him, and his mom Becky a bit later. (more…)

Nov 13, 2018 7 comments
Philly Bike Expo 2018: Pratt Frameworks Red Hook Crit Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: Pratt Track Bike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Sometime after Red Hook Crit this year, Jocelyn Tipton had her race bike stolen, luckily for 2019, they found a new ride, this Pratt.  Joining Dani Moreshead and Sam Fox this year for a new all-women team Pratt/Phil Wood will be competing at Red Hook Crit Brooklyn and Milan, Mission Crit, Redbull Last Stand, and a few others in preparation for 2020 fixed gear nationals.

The build features some nice touches from Phil Wood, including their hubs, headset, and seat collar as well as tires from Challenge and rims from Princeton Carbonworks.  The paint was a mix of spray-bike and the graphics were designed by Still Life.  One thing for sure this bike will turn your head at breakneck speed during the races, so take a moment and check the gallery above and good luck to the new team!


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Nov 9, 2018 11 comments
2018 Philly Bike Expo: JP Weigle Randonneur – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: JP Weigle Randonneur
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

For over 40 years JP Weigle has been crafting functional artwork. This bike is a culmination of those years, his hand cut and filed lugs in themselves are art. They pull you in and capture your attention.

These functional bikes aren’t just gorgeous show bikes though, each one gets ridden and tested to make sure it passes the ride quality that a Weigle is known for.  Every shape and line of this bike flows together, as the construction and build of the bike are done together creating something gorgeous and refined.  The build is comprised of Compass parts including René Herse cranks, Loup Loup Pass tires as well as Campagnolo Chorus. This modern Randonneur is ready for anything Connecticut weather can throw at it.


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Nov 7, 2018 32 comments
2018 Philly Bike Expo: MAP Cycles 650b Disc Rando Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2018 Philly Bike Expo: MAP Cycles 650b Disc Rando Bike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Mitch A Pryor of MAP Bicycles, make all of his bikes in Paradise, CA one at a time. Although this bike doesn’t fit into the typical Randonneur Project Mitch took this project.  For me the detail of the tapered bi-lam headtube and just how clean the dynamo wiring is, stopped me in my place which happened to be Rando Alley at the time. 

Mixing the traditional with the non-traditional this build includes a Rodeo Labs Spork, Paul Klamper CP calipers, Rene Herse Cranks, and Campagnolo Centaur checks all of those boxes for a versatile modern rando bike. Mitch made the front rack and stem to compliment this bike and they pair together perfectly.


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Nov 6, 2018 34 comments