Rizzo Cycles Offers Special Deal on Custom Frame for 2024 ENVE GRODEO


Rizzo Cycles Offers Special Deal on Custom Frame for 2024 ENVE GRODEO

Madrid-based framebuilder Rizzo Cycles will attend the 2024 ENVE GRODEO in Ogden, Utah. And this year there’s a chance they could bring you a custom frame all the way from Spain!

This year will mark the third GRODEO, ENVE’s Gravel-Rodeo, scheduled to take place June 21 and 22. The event is equal parts beautiful bicycle showcase, chance to connect with great people, and riding—lots of epic gravel road riding. Over two days, visitors are invited to tour ENVE’s in-house carbon design, manufacture, and testing facilities; drool over some incredible bikes from makers across the globe; and partake in an epic gravel ride through the Northern Wasatch Mountains. You can see our previous years’ GRODEO coverage in the related stories section below

ENVE’s Builder Round-Up open house on Friday, June 21, will once again feature the latest work from some of the world’s most renowned custom builders. Two dozen bespoke road, gravel, and mountain bikes will be showcased. It’s a rare opportunity to meet the builders of unique handcrafted bicycles at ENVE’s annual open house event. Expect a good time, with live music, food trucks, and the infamous Trackline Time Trial with its 0.8-mile course providing the ideal racing platform for spectators. Throw in some Gravel socials in the morning followed by ENVE factory tours, and you have the recipe for the beginnings of a weekend to remember.

On Saturday, June 22, ENVE has planned a picturesque route through 92 miles of Ogden’s most unique and challenging landscapes, encompassing 8,300′ of elevation gain.

To celebrate this idyllic weekend, ENVE builders RIZZO are offering a one-off $1,000 discount as well as a free Girodeo entry for two people AND a rare opportunity to jump the queue and have your new bike exhibited and delivered at the event by the builder in person. The offer is valid for one customer only and applies to Rizzo’s current titanium models (either GRAVEL or ROAD) integrating 3D-printed titanium frame components and equipped with a full suite of ENVE parts.

Rubén Durán is the man behind Rizzo Cycles. He builds frames in Madrid, just two miles away from the city center. You can find him there or maybe on one of his usual trips to ride in Girona when he wants to escape from the big city.

Thanks to the new line of ENVE forks and cockpits, internally routing shift and brake cables has proliferated between framebuilders and Rubén has embraced the trend with a very subtle style. Petor recently documented Rubén and his bikes during the ENVE Girodeo.

The latest creation of Rizzo is this Titanium All-Road. A performance-oriented bike with big tubes to achieve remarkable stiffness, it doesn’t sacrifice the control of the handling, thanks to a well-proven geometry. The 35 mm, 1″ chainstays, and 30.9 seatpost makes this bike very reactive while the internal butted front triangle keeps the frame between 1,300-1,400 g. Of course, all this can be tuned to the rider’s preference as Rubén builds 100% custom frames.

As Rubén said, “This bike is one of the very first using the reborn Columbus Hyperion tubing and the first one (after ENVE’s custom road) to use the new Chris King Aeroset 1 under that custom printed topcap. 3D printing is here to stay and it is a technology with endless possibilities, but for me, it doesn’t mean I have to use it in every single part of the bike. I want to keep my style of simplicity and craftsmanship and that is why I choose to mix tube-to-tube junctions with tube-to-parts or keep other features as straight headtubes or external lower headsets (see gravel model for reference).”

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