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You Can Now Own One of Concrete Road’s Fantastical Bikepacking Paintings

Concrete Road, the futuristic cycling artist, has opened a small offering on his webshop where you can buy either original paintings or prints at a fair price. The beauty of these illustrations is the dystopian, survivalist, almost Foss-inspired environments, and strong female adventurers. See more for yourself at Concrete Road’s Instagram and if you dig their work, head to the Concrete Road webshop.

Jul 9, 2018 1 comment
Ceramic Speed’s Wacky Yet Damn Cool DRIVEN Chainless Drivetrain System

Trust me when I say that we get a lot of kooky – and not the good kinda kooky – tech pieces emailed to us over here. From “innovative” saddle designs, to e-conversions, to surfing paddle bikes but every once in a while, something that can only be described as so damn cool, stumbles into our scope of what we call the cycling industry. Imagine if drivetrains, as we know them, could be redesigned, knocking down all recent frame design with one fell swoop. That’s what Ceramic Speed’s new DRIVEN system is proposing. You can get the gist here, but if you’d like more techy bits of info, head to Ceramic Speed.

Jul 9, 2018 23 comments
The New Brooks Bugle

… has some interesting reads, great illustrations and a photo by yours truly from my South Africa trip to the Karoobaix, as an intro for a op-ed piece written by Tom Owen on digital documentation of cycling and life in general. Head over to check out this free publication.

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VYNL Fights Hurricane Relief

Good on VYNL doing something to help out the hurricane relief effort!

“VYNL Fights teamed up with two primo local artists from Texas and Miami to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma climb out and rebuild. All the proceeds of each poster will go to either the American Red Cross, or a local (and vetted) charity.”

In case you can’t decide, VYNL also gives the option to get both posters at once. See more on these two designs below. (more…)

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Mr. Pubes Goes to Interbike – Bicycle Pubes

Mr. Pubes Goes To Interbike
Words and Photos by Bicycle Pubes

“Could somebody please, find Bicycle Pubes, get a hold of this mother fucker so that I can make sense out of all of this!?”

The question had been asked, by numerous people, all over the globe, possibly on other planets too. But where was the answer? More importantly, where was Bicycle Pubes? This industry is a real puzzler and Interbike needed to expertise and the cognitive capacity of a real heavy hitter to sort all of this hoity toity lithium battery open mold bullshit out.

Luckily, John Watson was off vacation and back home in LA, where he had access to the Pubes Signal. Unluckily, I cannot afford a house close enough to LA to actually see the Pubes Signal, so after several days, John just called me at home. Told me to go to Interbike. I said no I’m watching a Scrubs marathon. He said come on bro. I said OK fine. He said cool. I said fuck yeah it’s cool. Then he hung up.

Several anxiety pills and anxiety burritos later, Bicycle Pubes landed in the dogshit town that is Las Vegas. That’s me. I’m Bicycle Pubes.

Without further adieu, here is some shitty art.


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