2023 MADE Bike Show Coverage: Part 04 – Acoustic, Buendia, Breadwinner, DeSalvo, Ira Ryan, Moth Attack, Rodriguez, Schön, Speedvagen, and Stinner

We’re here in Portland, covering the 2023 MADE Bike Show, looking for bikes that we thought you, the readers of The Radavist would appreciate. Josh and John have been scouring the halls of the show for bikes to document, and we’ve got Part 04 of our coverage for you to enjoy…

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Acoustic Cycles High Pivot Full Suspension

First debuted at the 2022 Philly Bike Expo, Pine-Colorado’s Acoustic Cycles showcased its T-Type compatible steel full suspension. With almost a year since this model’s launch, Acoustic was able to shave some weight off this new version as well, bringing the complete weight down to around 37lbs.

This olive drab chassis is accentuated by bronze anodized suspension parts, Ignite cranks, spokes, and hubs done by Industry Nine. A 160mm Lyrik and Super Deluxe shock keep the bike chompin’ down the chunder while the Horst Link design keeps the bike riding planted. Acoustic’s full suspension refinement has been a real crowd-pleaser at MADE this year!

Buendia Bicycles Basket Commuter

Portland’s own Buendia Bicycles checks so many boxes for a practical commuter bike. Flat bars for better visibility and maneuverability in traffic. Check. Full-coverage fenders. Check. Custom front rack with zip-tie-elimination hardware. Check. Bomber Shimano drivetrain. Check. Plus lots of bosses and mounts for if you want to take it a little further.

The frame is fillet brazed, with a bi-lam silver soldered seat tube cluster, and a lugged fork crown. We really dug the raised stainless branding, the color, and the 45º fork crown shoulders with that sweet rack boss attachment. Buendia doesn’t offer specific models, rather the brand creates a bike based on the client’s dreams. Seahorses included.

Breadwinner Cycles Tony and Oscar Built Goodwater

Tony from Breadwinner and his son Oscar debuted their first collaboration frame at this year’s MADE show. Oscar, who’s 12 years young, mitered the tubing, and welded the head tube junctions, top tube/seat tube, and the underside of the bottom bracket downtube junction. He also picked the paint colors. Meanwhile Tony handled the tight-to-reach areas and the brazing.

What’s unique about this bike is the seat tube is conical, flaring from 35mm to 34mm, requiring a brazed-on double binder bolt since standard seat post collars wouldn’t work. This creates a strong seatpost clamp interface. Oscar has been lucky enough to own two prior Breadwinners, yet this is the first bike he’s had an active role in making. Something tells us this won’t be his last!

DeSalvo Bicycles 2008 NAHBS Bike

Originally displayed at the 2008 NAHBS for a 6’6″ tall client, this DeSalvo was a inspired by the 1985 SE Quadrangle BMX bike, albeit at a larger, 29″ wheel diameter. For it being such a large frame, the proportions are well balanced, and even with the early aughts geometry, it has a timeless ride quality. Snappy, zippy, responsive.

While the quadrangle design had to have been a lot of work, Mike’s dedication to the details resulted in a clever SE Bikes logo flip, down to the Landing Gear fork. The singlespeed track ends, impeccable construction, and bright white paint really caught our eye. Well done, 2008 Mike!

Moth Attack Custom Gravel Bike

After a couple of years living in Southern AZ, builder Megan Dean found herself always waffling between taking her maxed-out 38c gravel bike from the Moth Attack CX team run in 2015 or her hardtail that is often overkill for even a chunky gravel ride. This custom gravel build finally fills the tiny gap left in her personal collection.

Where she previously used a suspension stem to absorb rough road chatter, this capable machine features a Rudy fork to give a little additional squish to work-weary hands. Megan has a short torso – which led her to framebuilding so many years ago – and had never known what it’s like to ride without toe overlap. So, now with 650b wheels/tires on this bike and other custom geo tweaks, it’s all smooth sailing.

Ira Ryan Custom All-Road

Billy Sinkford (aka Souphorse) is leading the team responsible for the MADE show this week and, to celebrate the show’s inaugural year, commissioned Ira Ryan Cycles to build his dream (fast and fun) all road bike. The fillet brazed Columbus steel frame was finished by Clack Magic Paint with a matched Whiskey fork.

The custom fillet brazed stem features a sculpted stainless swallow detail. Component spec includes SRAM Force AXS drivetrain, Appleman double crankset, Paul Comp Klampers, seatpost and binder, with White Industries Headset and T47 bottom bracket. Wheels are the new LUNA carbon wheels by Astral Cycling.

Rodriguez Bicycles Team Roadholes Bandito Flat Bar Gravel Bike MKIV

Alder from Rodriguez Bicycles brought some heat to MADE with this Bandito flat bar gravel bike. This bike is in its fourth iteration, as Alder tends to thrash his bikes, and the frame just underwent a downtube replacement and Ti Bearclaw fork upgrade.

The Outer Shell frame bag, Oddmone bars, bottle opener, and fork-mounted knife just set this bike over the top, and it was impossible not to notice it at the show. What was probably overlooked, however, is the faceted, octagonal top tube Rodriguez uses on some bandito frames, custom drawn for the Seattle-based builder. Go, Road Holes!

Schön Studio “Cycling Industry Blues” Mini Velo

The Cycling Industry Blues is a trail-forward mini Velo with a custom nine-speed SRAM Transmission and, believe it or not, quite a head-turner at the trailhead. 20” 2.4 Maxxis Minion DH and a floating triple triangle keep things supple, while the Shorter Steeper Higher geometry keeps things interesting.

Featuring 200mm of custom knurled brass spacers, Canadian Loonie fork crown caps, raw fillets, and fully internal routing, this bike is fancy as it is fun.

Speedvagen Pool Party Single Speed

Our friend Richard from Speedvagen took the lead on describing the Pool Party:

“Maybe it was Portland having the wettest spring in the last 81 years, or maybe it’s a reaction to the world at large. This past wet season we were dreaming of warmer, dryer, and longer days on the bike. But not training days with hard efforts and planned routes, more so those days where life is a party and you just ride.

You head out of town with some friends, maybe find a river to jump in, maybe stop for food and beers, the days where you just have fun exploring new places along the way. Not knowing if you will be out until the sun goes down.

It’s those days we are enjoying most right now. The dual light set up, with powered rear ensures you have enough light for that friend who never remembers theirs. The battery backup hidden in the seat mast allows you to keep the party going and devices charged.”


“The seat mast battery powers the left light, whereas the dynamo hub only powers the right light. The battery back up can then be recharged from the dynamo with the Sinewave USB port when the right light isn’t in use. It’s not about going fast, it’s only about having fun.

That’s how the pool party scheme was born. I’ve talked about this integrated battery concept since coming to SV, really stoked the shop was able to make it real this year. We might not ever offer it because it’s a pain in the ass, but the concept is proven here.”

Stinner Frameworks Carrizo Endurance Road Bike

Santa Barbara, California, is a road-riding paradise. This central California coastal town has endless paved and dirt ribbons enveloping the neighboring Los Padres National Forest, perfect for a bike like the Carrizo. The latest model from Stinner Frameworks, the Carrizo takes on the new paradigm of internal routing (through the stem and head tube), while utilizing the new Stinner dropouts.

The result is an endurance all-road bike that sports fantastically modern details on a lively titanium frame. We’ve been longtime documentarians of Stinner Frameworks and we gotta say, the brand’s evolution has been something special to behold. Well done, team!



We’ll be back tomorrow with another stacked gallery of bikes from MADE, so stay tuned!

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