SR Suntour’s Collaboration with Artist Natalia Pulido Supports Diversity in Cycling

We all want the opportunity to be heard. Unfortunately, not everyone receives that opportunity. SR Suntour’s primary goal is to get more people on bikes regardless of their race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, ability, language, body type, or nationality. One of the ways we hope to do this is by creating affordable products of high value and performance to reduce the cost of entry and to work on making cycling a safe and welcoming place for all those that choose to enjoy their time on two wheels. Simple as that.

There is a real need to remove the thorny and multifaceted systemic inequality limiting participation for many. We won’t lie, we still have a long way to go and we want your help to get there. It’s not enough to just increase representation. We must also directly support those being underrepresented and stop judging the compromises some may have to make to gain access to the trails.

The goal of this collaborative project with Natalia Pulido, a Chilean artist and mountain biker living in Colorado Springs, was to do just that by living up to the values and initiatives listed above. We hope to create a beautiful yet functional piece of art that represents more than a component on a bike. We want it to embody the narratives that are often overlooked by the traditional outdoor movement and to promote diversity and attainability for minorities in the cycling industry.

Every step of bringing this amazing hand-painted Durolux fork to fruition was done by skilled BIPOC individuals. From the vibrant artwork of Natalia to the flawless clear coat of Stephan Milling to the exceptional photography of Eric Arce, this is a piece to be proud of. The design, chosen by Natalia and her husband, Manuel, is a Jaguar Alebrije. A colorful soul-carrier originating from Central and South America and often seen on indigenous tapestries. Additionally, it is forward facing to represent courage. We want this project to be about calling everyone in, coming together, fostering connections, and turning discussion into action. We embrace the idea of progress over perfection and now it’s your turn to help us continue that progress. While we would love to hang this beautiful fork on our wall to remind us of what it represents, we believe the money raised by raffling it off will have a greater impact.

Natalia, also a local advocate and coach, chose to have 100% of the proceeds donated to the Women’s Mountain Bike Association to help build and empower a community of women and minorities through group mountain bike rides and skills clinics. Not only will the money raised help her local riding community but the exposure generated from this project will hopefully reach much further to those globally that need a reminder that this sport isn’t just for the elitists. It can and should be for everyone. We hope to inspire many more to join the fun.

“Throughout my journey as a self-taught artist and a mountain biker, I’ve learned how art and biking have served me as forms of freedom and medicine for many obstacles that I face as an immigrant Latina, and woman of color in a place where immigrants don’t always feel welcomed.

I wanted to depict a vital symbol of strength and resilience, the jaguar. A jaguar is a keystone animal that not only keeps the balance within its ecosystem but also helps the environment to flourish. Very similar to the wolves in Yellowstone National Park, If the jaguar is no longer there, then the entire system is off balance. As many black, indigenous, and people of color experience inequality and systematic racism, we need more leaders to serve as the keystone Jaguar so our ecosystem can thrive and move forward, including in the cycling industry.

The decision to place the jaguar facing forward is intended to demonstrate courage and strength, which is a skill that many of us as mountain bikers develop through this sport.  Inhaling is the beginning of all aspirations, it is about the moment we reconstruct who we are into who we want to be, a metamorphosis. The desire to be something great is a given, the decision to be part of something great is a choice we make.” – Natalia

You can enter the SR Suntour fork raffle here.