Concrete Road’s Bikepacking Fanzine Number 01

A few years ago, when I started posting my bikepacking drawings on the net, I called my Instagram “Concrete Road” in reference to my favorite Japanese Anime series. From then on, I was always unsure if this name was supposed to be an alias, a moniker, or just the name of a project. It took a while to develop my story but I’ve determined my pen name will be Tony Concrete and Concrete Road will be the name of my fanzine, all about bikepacking.

This first issue was born from a trip to Norway in the Summer of 2018 with my friend Justine, who co-illustrated this zine you’re looking at today. We cruised through the counties of Innlandet and Trøndelag, where I needed to do some scouting for a manga project of mine. At this time I had just joined the adventure team of the manufacturer Tout Terrain, and it was my first trip with my golden Outback.

The paper version of this fanzine was supposed to be launched during an upcoming exhibit featuring my works at a Tokyo gallery, but the Coronavirus had other plans. So instead, we’re launching the fanzine here on the Radavist while we’re waiting for the digital version of the exhibition. So please enjoy it here for the first time on the web.

Thank you for reading my stuff!

-Tony Concrete

Special thanks :
Tout-terrain for the indestructible hardware.
Sykkologen, bikeshop in Lillehammer
Haugen Outdoor, MTB guide, for his invaluable help.