BoneshakerMTB Mountain Bike Club Vintage Show


BoneshakerMTB Mountain Bike Club Vintage Show

We’re big vintage bike nuts over here and have dedicated immeasurable energy to documenting these innovative designs and telling their stories. Up in Toronto, BoneshakerMTB hosted a vintage MTB show earlier this month, and you might recognize one of the bikes in the mix. The club wrote up a quick recap of the event for us to share. Let’s take a look!

BoneshakerMTB, a community-centered mountain bike club based in Toronto, Canada, presented their Vintage Mountain Bike show earlier this month. Over the course of two days (March 7-9th) the show highlighted mountain bikes from the 1980s and 90’s, with an emphasis on the craftsmanship and tech of that time.

With the help of Gremlins Bicycle Emporium, Mike Berlin Mountain Bikes, and Lucas Longman, BoneshakerMTB displayed a fleet of over 30 vintage mountain bikes, jerseys, t-shirts, parts, and accessories. Showcasing the bikes in a gallery setting provided an opportunity for a diverse range of people, with previous bike knowledge or not, to come view cycling in a new and alternative way.

The biking community in Ontario is surprisingly big, but it can feel small as it is intertwined in so many ways. BoneshakerMTB’s mission in curating this show was not only to bring this community together off the trails, but during a time in which the world of cycling tends to subside a bit in Canada. Throughout the 2.5 days of the show being open to the public, over 900 people visited; all expressing amazing feedback.

John and Tasshi documented this very 1987 Steve Potts in our Vintage Bicycles category

Collectors shared stories of the bikes they had wished for as teenagers, riders looked at components on the bikes displayed as inspiration for future builds, and parents led their children through the significance of their favorite builders and parts. Some of the fan favorites included 1982 Cook Brothers Racking / Alpine, 1987 Steve Potts / Signature, 1988 Off Road Toad, 1983 Mantis / Sherpa, 90’s Team Fat Chance, and the Fleet of Rocky Mountains.

BoneshakerMTB plans on making this an annual event and has a lot in store for the 2024 season. Stay tuned for upcoming rides and events at @boneshakermtb and

Will you be making the trek to Toronto next year?