Sea Otter Classic 2024: Bikes, Products and People Part 01

The Radavist thanks 1-Up USA for sponsoring our Sea Otter Classic 2024 coverage!

Josh and John were at Sea Otter Classic this week, covering people, products, and bikes on display. We’ve pulled together a few über galleries for your enjoyment, so let’s get into Part 01!

This year’s Reportage from the Sea Otter Classic will be a throwback to older Reportage from the 2008 era here on the site: fewer words and more photos! Check out the gallery above for our selects from Part 01 of the Sea Otter Classic 2024, and read on below for some cherry-picked products and brand showcases in no particular order.

BERD Goes All-Mountain and Enduro with HAWK30X Spokes

The visual heirarchy between BERD’s HAWK30 XC wheels and its all-new HAWK30X ($2,195) enduro wheels is striking! The spokes are thicker (1.7 mm vs 2.8 mm) and with an all-new rim, the HAWK30X wheels are the strongest, most durable, most extreme, wheelset Berd has ever designed…

PNW Components Stem Teased

We already saw a sneak peek at the new silver stanchion dropper post coming from PNW Components and here’s the other product the brand teased at Sea Otter Classic: a 31.8 or 35 mm clamp MTB stem!

DT Swiss 240 Ratchet DEG 90 Hubs

Last week DT Swiss unveiled a new version of their tried and true 240 hubs. Where the classic 240s feature either 36 or 54 teeth, the new Ratchet DEG has 90 teeth with 4° engagement angle. The new internals are much larger than their predecessors (see size comparison in left photo above), but function in a similar way to achieve DT Swiss’ proven reliability and ease of servicing.

5Dev Road/Gravel/XC Ti Cranks and Aero Chainrings

5Dev has made quite a splash in recent years with their CNC’d Titanium MTB cranks and other parts like stems and chainrings. The San Diego, CA brand continues to expand its offerings with cranks for road, gravel, and XC. These cranks are hollow-core and laser-welded with diamond-coated hardware, designed to be strong, lightweight (446g for the 170mm with Road Spindle), and durable.

Additionally, 5Dev showed off new Aero chainrings, which are CNC’d from a single piece of aluminum and feature a “Shark Fin” tooth pattern claimed to reduce chain noise on 1x mullet drivetrains with wide-range MTB cassettes.

Smith Venture Sunglasses 

The Venture ($215) is a throwback to aviator goggles with a series of snap-off rubber grommets that lock into these sunnies to shield you from dust, dirt, or extra sunny conditions.  Available in eight colors and even a prescription model at Smith Optics.

Fizik Ergolace and Ergolace GTX Shoes

The Ergolace is one of the best looking gravel shoes on the market. We love seeing brands leaning in on the 80s/90s for design cues and these shoes look straight out of the Nike ACG catalog. It’s like a gravel Air Mowabb. The Ergolace is available in clipless, flat, and Gore-Tex ($209.99) from Fizik.

Ergon GT1 Touring Grips

While they might look a bit strange, the new Ergon GT1 Touring Grips offer a variety of hand positions for your flat bar tourer. These multi-position comfort grips have 4 defined gripping areas: Standard grip position, outside grip position, thumb up or palm position. Available in size small or large for $44.95 at Ergon.

Mavic is Back

If you want to catch our attention at Sea Otter, lean a Firefly against your booth. Drool! After shuttering its US operations a few years ago, Mavic Cycling is back with a bunch of new products, including these flashy Cosmic carbon gravel wheels.

Omnium Mini Max Boyz

In a sea of e-scooters and wheelie kids, the Omnium Bike Boyz stood out with their Mini Max cargo bikes. John’s got one of these he’s been using for a while now, so expect an in-depth review shortly, but we just wanted to give this rad company a shout-out!

Hudski Bikes Launches the Burrito Binder Clip Cage

You saw it here first! Hudski Bikes and Dylan Buffington launched the most essential product for any Bay Area shredders looking to optimize their on-the-bike foot portage. The Burrito Binder Clip Cage promises not to squash your tortilla and holds your California burrito in place securely for an afternoon of Marin County trail poaching!

Yoshimura Chilao SS

We gave you a first look before Sea Otter, but we just wanted to give this rad company a shout-out. Four years ago, when the original Chilao pedal came out, it was one of the only US-made MTB pedals, and we believe they spurred a new wave of American pedal manufacturing. The new Chilao SS comes in small ($224) or large ($229) platforms and features a spring-loaded, triple bearing design to keep those bearings spinning smoothly! Cheers, guys!

Don’t worry. We’ll be back tomorrow with another packed gallery from Sea Otter Classic!