First Look: Yoshimura Chilao SS Pedal


First Look: Yoshimura Chilao SS Pedal

Today, the all-new Yoshimura Chilao SS pedal was announced. We’ve been hailing the Yoshimura Chilao pedal since it came out in 2020. The Chilao SS takes this design to the next level with some clever engineering. Let’s check it out…

These CNC-machined pedals are made in California by a Yoshimura, renowned for its exceptional motorcycle exhaust systems, and they’re named after a ripping trail network in the Angeles Forest.

It’s fitting that the Chilao SS has hit the market four years since the first Chilao performance flat pedal was announced. In that time Yoshimura has taken customer and athlete feedback to redesign the Chilao into something all-new, extending the lifespan of these trail pedals.

The Yoshimura Chilao SS introduces a pioneering feature dubbed the Static Spring. This new design is patent-pending and utilizes a heavy-duty spring to preload the outer bearings against the pedal’s end cap. This achieves several things: the Chilao SS eliminates side load variability, ensuring consistent performance regardless of wear or installation torque tolerances. In short, the spring keeps the pedal spinning against the bearings for a side-to-side play free ride.



This all-new spindle design incorporates an Impact Flange, redirecting any side pedal strike load away from the bearings and towards the body and spindle, thus enabling the pedal to withstand massive side impacts without compromising bearing integrity. This and the three outboard spindle bearings will keep them spinning smoothly (time will tell!) for hundreds of miles.

My Yoshimura Chilao pedals after four years of abuse…

Over the long haul (and these pedals do indeed last!), this new design decreases friction points, providing a smoother and more efficient riding experience.

The Chilao SS features a new pedal label, applied via a proprietary method that allows for printing directly on the pedal surface. Another difference is the pedal pins are also slightly longer than the original Chilao pedal. Overall, aside from the additional grip–when you compare these pedals to the brown anodized ones above–there is little noticeable difference in the ride quality.



  • Triple outboard bearings to balance the increased bearing surface and a thin pedal body.
  • Precision spring bearing preload, ensuring a snug fit and eliminating pedal play throughout its normal service life.
  • A newly refined ultra-thin CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum body reduces weight by 18 grams per set compared to the previous Chilao pedal generation.
  • Enhanced spindle design with a 3mm increased Q-factor, made from proprietary alloy steel, heat-treated, and Ceracoated for unmatched strength and resilience.
  • Large pedal body (110mm L x 107.25 W)
  • Small pedal body (100mm L x 95.5 W)
  • 360 grams per set incl pins (large), 334 grams per set incl pins (small)
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty
  • See for complete warranty terms and conditions.

Retail Prices:

  • Large Chilao SS: $229.00 Available in Black, Ice, Yoshikote and Pewter
  • Small Chilao SS: $219.00 Available in Black and Ice

Expect a full review after these pedals get some more wear and tear on them.

See more at Yoshimura.