Sea Otter Classic 2024: Bikes, Products and People Part 02

The Radavist thanks 1-Up USA for sponsoring our Sea Otter Classic 2024 coverage!

Josh and John were at Sea Otter Classic this week, covering people, products, and bikes on display. We’ve pulled together a few über galleries for your enjoyment, so let’s get into Part 02!

This year’s Reportage from the Sea Otter Classic will be a throwback to older Reportage from the 2008 era here on the site: fewer words and more photos! Check out the gallery above for our selects from Part 02 of the Sea Otter Classic 2024, and read on below for some cherry-picked products and brand showcases in no particular order.

Wheels MFG SOLO-SPLINE and Proto Components

On the heels of releasing their SOLO-XD singledpeed conversion kit for XD drivers last year, Wheels MGF was showing off their newest conversion kit: SOLO-SPLINE. This might be the only product specifically designed to make Microspline drivers singlespeed and we think that’s a big deal. Additionally, we got to see part of their expanded lineup of cogs, in lots of anodized colors and sizes.

The Colorado Springs, CO brand was also displaying seven new products coming soon. These prototypes are all machined in-house and include a crank, pedals, seat post clamp, top cap, headset, chainring, and bash guard. There isn’t a specific release date for any of these components yet, but they look great so we hope it’s sooner than later…

ORNOT McNally Sun Shirt

We’re big fans of sun shirts over here and ride in them all summer long. ORNOT has a new sun shirt on the way, launching as a collaboration capsule collection with Bay Area artist Chris McNally. Inside the rear pocket is a watercolor painting by Chris and there’s a musette with another variation of his art printed on ripstop fabric. No two patterns will be the same, making this collaboration extra special.

Revelate’s New Bags and Tarsier Cargo Cage

Bekka, Eric, and Eddie proudly display Revelate’s newest bags in the long-time maker’s lineup. The Holster panniers feature some clever details and materials, offering something new to the bike-touring pannier realm. The structure of the panniers is water-cut plastic, with 3D-printed hardware and a secure Voile attachment. There will be three sizes made from lightweight but durable fabrics. These are slated to drop in the summer.

The Joey downtube bag is now seam-sealed and waterproof to keep those riding essentials fresh in the muckiest of mucky conditions. The Stoat saddle bag is a tough, waterproof pouch for day rides and repair essentials. Think of it as a bomber little saddle bag that’s slightly bigger than your standard tool and tube bags in a waterproof package.

These Tarsier Cargo Cages offer some clever detailing in once again a crowded space. They’re machined from 6061 aluminum and feature removable TPU pads that double as strap guides to provide cushion, grip, and protection for hard-sided objects. The three-boss bolt mounts are notched, so you don’t have to back the mounting bolts all the way out to install or remove them. There’s even a low-profile lower foot that provides support when you need it and is easily removable when you don’t.

Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Lock On Grips and Ripsaw Pedals

The Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips are a favorite amongst many MTB riders and now they’re available in an easy to install and remove Lock On version, complete with an array of brightly anodized collars. These feel great in your hand and offer a nice, thick grip platform, which riders with bigger hands prefer. It was also great to see the new Ripsaw aluminum pedals in the flesh. The profile and machining on these pedals gives them a unique look!

Yakima MOD System

You could spend weeks building out the back of your camper vehicle out of 80/20 like John did with his car and Josh’s or you could lay down some L-track or tie-downs and install a Yakima MOD system! This modular drawer kit from Yakima features a number of clever details to simplify a van, SUV, or wagon build, with distribution by one of the largest bike rack and accessories manufacturers in the USA. While it’s not bike-specific, it’s bike-tangental.

Wild Rye Ride Fast Raise Hell Shirts and Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Wild Rye released its fourth benefit tee at Sea Otter, “Ride Fast, Raise Hell.”. Unfortunately, the United States is receding into the dark ages of women’s health care. This is a pivotal time for women fighting for their right to make decisions about their own bodies and futures, and through this benefit tee, Wild Rye hopes to raise awareness and funds with 100% of net proceeds going directly to Planned Parenthood.

Since Roe v Wade was overturned in 2022, women’s reproductive rights and access to healthcare have been challenged in devastating ways—from abortion, to birth control access, and IVF— and now in this election year, Wild Rye continues its commitment to supporting women through every phase of life.

Outbound Lighting E-Bike Handlebar and Road Tail Lights

Outbound Lighting makes some of the best bike lights on the market. We’ve been using them for years and can attest to their dialed beam patterns, battery runtime, and overall durability.

The E-Bike concept light has a more integrated and low profile than existing Outbound lights. It’s designed to integrate with accessory ports and run off the bike battery and basically just stay there all the time for when you need it, with a proper beam pattern for gnarly trail riding. It will be marketed to squishy e-bike owners rather than commuters. This special show model was annodized by Ashley in Rick & Morty theme.

Another first from Outbound, the moto-style road bike taillight utilizes automotive light guide tech for optics to optimize visibility from all angles in a controlled manner. This includes bio-motion lighting on the riders’ legs so cars can process scale and depth perception quickly at a distance in the dark. The brand claims it will have a massive battery life and be free of gimmicks. Production will begin this fall.

Many thanks to Josh Becker for the cover image and the racing photos!

And that’s it for today! We’ll see you back tomorrow with our biggest gallery yet from Sea Otter Classic!