Glad We Crossed Paths: PAL X Smith Art Show Recap

This past Saturday, the PAL x Smith “Crossing Paths” art show brought a diverse crowd to downtown LA, uniting cyclists and individuals from all walks of life. With over 400 attendees showing their support, the event showcased a fresh perspective on cycling that resonated with the community. Glen Repol’s vision for PAL to serve as a bridge between art, street fashion, music, and more was clearly evident in the vibrant atmosphere of the event. PAL embodies its name, symbolizing the convergence of parallels and longitudes where diverse lines intersect.

Those who attended the art show witnessed firsthand the brand’s innovative approach to cycling, offering a refreshing and exciting glimpse into the future of cycling brands. The day was a testament to PAL’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the cycling experience for the new generation. Continue reading below for Glen’s recap accompanied by an extensive image gallery from the show!

Saturday morning started off with a bang from all the klunking that came from the all-terrain bikes gathering at Fabrica de Rosas. A diverse array of crews, including Dirt Toads, Genosack, El Prado Racing Team, and Total Trash Cycling Club, united to embark on a thrilling ride through the varied terrains that Los Angeles has to offer. Nearly 100 enthusiastic riders came together for a collaborative group journey, exploring everything from dirt trails to washed river beds, from morning to sundown. The ride culminated back at Fabrica de Rosas, where participants enjoyed complimentary beverages and took part in a raffle in support of the Gaza Sunbirds.

As the evening approached, the group traversed the city to Neo LA Gallery to attend the PAL X Smith’s helmet exhibit. Upon arrival, the tantalizing aroma of Tatay’s BBQ filled the air, drawing small groups of people to gather around the space, and exuding an atmosphere of palpable excitement. This buzz of anticipation was made possible by Cody Pham of Workshop Zero, who played a pivotal role in constructing the exhibit.

Pockets of greenery fill the room, from the walls to the ceilings and cement floors, the place is a composition of industrial meets nature. This is a metaphor for the overtaking of public landscapes in Los Angeles. Upon entering the gallery you are greeted by Slowrider’s classic Retrotec build that weaves you through a pathway of unique handcrafted Smith helmets laid on cement blocks covered in moss. All of these artists with their unique take when given a different type of canvas, the helmet.

The meticulous curation of a wide range of talented artists not only attracted a diverse group of attendees but also fostered a sense of unity among individuals from various creative backgrounds. From artists showcasing their work to musicians sharing their talents, and even members of the fashion industry bringing their unique perspectives, a vibrant and inclusive community was formed within a space that had previously been unexplored by the cycling community. This convergence of artistic expression and cycling enthusiasts created a dynamic and unprecedented gathering that left a lasting impact on all who participated.

PAL represents the intersection of a multitude of perspectives, serving as a catalyst for community building and the forging of meaningful bonds. The connections established through shared experiences, community engagement, and interpersonal interactions during my rides were instrumental in bringing this art show to fruition. PAL serves as a platform where individuals from all walks of life can come together, regardless of their familiarity with cycling, to connect and engage with one another. This art show will continue to captivate audiences until March 16th at the Neo LA Gallery, offering a space for creativity, connection, and shared experiences to thrive.

All Helmets are now available on Including Bobby Hundreds Custom Helmet $5 Raffle. Geoff McFetridge Helmet is now up for an Instagram Auction. See PAL’s Instagran post to bid. All Helmets sold will be donated to No Canyon Hills to help preserve The Verdugo Mountains and raise awareness.