Two Bikes Chattanooga Grand Opening


Two Bikes Chattanooga Grand Opening

Mitchell Connell and the team at Two Bikes Knoxville are excited to announce that they’re opening a second nonprofit to expand their work to provide free and affordable bikes, community bike rides, and youth workforce development to their community. Find out all the information on the opening party here…

Come hang out on April 13th from 12-6 at the new bike shop and then go on the group ride afterward. Local record store Yellow Racket will host a DJ set, Velo Coffee will provide coffee drinks, and local frame builders, including Muskrat, Amigo, and Strato, will be displaying some of their newest work. Full details below:

Two Bikes Chattanooga – Grand Opening Party!

Location: We are located on the side entrance of 1810 E. Main St., Chattanooga, TN 37404

Hours: Saturday, April 13th, 12pm – 6pm

What We Offer: Community workspace, affordable refurbished bikes, youth workforce development, community bike rides, and free bicycles for underserved community members.

What to Expect: Two Bikes is an inclusive space designed to promote cycling. We operate a full store front with recycled bicycles, new and used parts and accessories, and a space for the public to work on bikes. When available, we’ll help you wrench on your bike too! For our grand opening we’ll be working on bikes, listening to music, and grilling food all day. There might even be some special appearances from regional celebrity cyclists (like Pharris, Gaston, Tom, Lynne, Derick, Jarrod, Andrew, maybe some Nashville folks, and maybe some Asheville folks!).

Community Work Station: Two Bikes Chattanooga has one fully equip public work station with professional quality tools for public use.

Affordable Bikes: We offer affordable, recycled bicycles to help create more access to the benefits of bicycling. You can expect us to have about 30 bikes for you to test ride anytime!

Free Bikes: We partner with local nonprofits to distribute free bicycles as transportation to underserved community members. We donate a bike for each bike sold!

Food: My plan is to get the grill running around 1 with a little luck! Expect dogs and veggie dogs.