Radar Roundup: Win the 2023 Pisgah Project REEB Raffle Bike, Litespeed Flint Affordable Titanium Gravel Bike, Vancouver Pot Luck + Bike Swap, Two Bikes Fundraiser, The Nomad, Magic Trail Dogs, and a Legit Ultradynamico Tire Review


Radar Roundup: Win the 2023 Pisgah Project REEB Raffle Bike, Litespeed Flint Affordable Titanium Gravel Bike, Vancouver Pot Luck + Bike Swap, Two Bikes Fundraiser, The Nomad, Magic Trail Dogs, and a Legit Ultradynamico Tire Review

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Cane Creek Components Wants You to Win the 2023 Pisgah Project Raffle Bike

For the seventh consecutive year Cane Creek has brought together a group of premium cycling component manufacturers to build a very iconic bike with an incredibly important cause, supporting the Pisgah National Forest.

Since the Pisgah Project Bike’s Inception in 2017, Cane Creek has raised over $209,000 for the Pisgah Conservancy, whose mission is to protect Pisgah’s natural resources and support the fantastic recreation that our forest and community fosters.

By participating in the Pisgah Project Raffle, you are joining a community of supporters who invest in clean streams, maintained trails and a thriving natural environment for future generations to enjoy. The Pisgah Conservancy gives voice to ALL user groups that call Pisgah National Forest’s Ranger District home.

This year’s Pisgah Project bike has a MSRP of over $11,500!

Built with premium alternative components; sourced from local Southeast cycling manufacturers and global partnering companies who truly care about a healthy and sustainable Pisgah National Forest.

In addition to the bike; this year’s winner will also receive a two-night stay at Pilot Cove.

Organized by Cane Creek Cycling Components and backed by remarkable partnerships with REEB Cycles, Industry Nine, Thomson Bike, Pilot Cove, Continental Tires, Crank Brothers, Fizik saddles, TRP, and Endless Bike Co. this year’s “super-bike” has the potential to bring the total amount earned to over $250,000!

Raffle Tickets are $30 each and will be on sale starting Tuesday, August 8th at 9 am (EDT) at www.thepisgahproject.com


Litespeed’s Flint Gravel Bike $3,395

“Affordable,” “titanium” and “US made” aren’t usually written in the same sentence but here we are today, announcing Litespeed’s new Flint gravel bike.

As Litespeed achieved with its recently debuted Arenberg road model, the brand wanted to provide gravel riders the titanium ride quality, technology, and performance that Litespeed is known for, within an economical price point that can’t be touched, all fabricated at its factory in Chattanooga, Tenn. In its base build, the Flint starts at $3,395 complete with Shimano GRX 600 components.

The Flint has all the requisites:

  • A full 3AL/2.5V frame with frame size-specific tubesets that are all wall-thickness controlled in-house for consistency and feature zero aluminum inserts
  • In-house designed and CNC-machined titanium dropouts, disc brake mount, headtube and bottom bracket for optimized strength-to-weight
  • Tire clearance to 48mm
  • A dropped driveside chainstay for improved chainring and tire clearance
  • A UDH rear derailleur hanger
  • Bosses for three bottles (downtube, seattube and downtube underside)
  • Geometry with a slightly elongated wheelbase and adjusted stack/reach measure that deliver stability and performance to riders from weekend trail riders to competitive gravel riders
  • Boundless options for upgrades, from components and bottom bracket standard to vinyl graphic, etching or color anodizing
  • Flint marks the debut of the new Chameleon blue/green fade color anodizing upgrade option
  • Fast lead time, shipping two to three weeks from date of order

Check out the Flint at Litespeed.

Vancouver Bike Swap and Potluck

Vancouver! It’s a bike swap! It’s a potluck! Haul out your treasures and bring home some new ones. Bring a blanket to set up on, some food or drink to share, and a plate and cup. Bring whatever’s in your parts bin or your closet… big stuff, little stuff, bags, clothes, anything. All kinds of bikes and bike-adjacent things welcome. There’s a good chance you won’t come home with less stuff, but it’ll be different stuff! Hit up @coffeeoutsideyvr with any questions.


Saturday, August 12
New Brighton Park

Two Bikes Fundraiser Auction

Our friends at Two Bikes are auctioning off some incredible bike parts and accessories ranging from a White Industries M30 to MAAP sunglasses. Plus they’ve listed a few of their rarest bikes from the shop including an Independent Fabrication road bike with a full flamed-out paint job. Go check it out and place a bid to help create jobs for underserved high school students in Tennessee.

Two Bikes is a nonprofit bike shop in Tennessee that offers paid job training to underserved high school students through a program called The Bike School. You might have caught Pharris’ bike on Reader’s Rides the other day. Pharris is a graduate of The Bike School.

Each high school student leaves the program having learned how to fix a flat, basic wheel truing, drivetrain basics, and brake basics. On the other side of the program, Two Bikes instructors teach students how to greet a customer, how to help them find a bike that fits, and how to photograph and edit a bike to post on our e-commerce platform. Two Bikes definitely use The Radavist as an example of great bike photography.

The non-profit focuses on serving young people from underserved populations in Knoxville which not only helps the high school students, but it also helps the bike shop – and the larger cycling community in our region. When you walk into Two Bikes, the person who meets you at the door typically doesn’t look like your average bike shop employee. These young and diverse interns help Two Bikes feel more welcoming to a broader section of the population. Plus, by working with a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual expressions, Two Bikes is helping create more diversity in the bike industry.

Two Bikes’ goal at the nonprofit each year is to offer 40 paid internships to local high school students. The truth is the program is pretty expensive but in a lot of ways the non-profit is proud of that. They offer full benefits to the instructors and $15/hour to each of its interns. Because of this, Two Bikes are always looking for creative ways to create more job opportunities.

Two Bikes had the idea of building an auction online that would be filled with all the bike stuff that people actually want, so we reached out to as many of its friends in the bike industry as we could think of. They contacted White Industries, L39ION of LA, Appleman Bicycles, Further Bags, Simworks, Bedrock, MAAP, and so many more folks, and asked them if they would be willing to donate something to help Two Bikes create more jobs for local high school students. Two Bikes got really lucky. They basically all said yes.

So if you love wrenching on bikes or riding with your friends, we’ve got a favor to ask. Could you bid on some Super Yummy tires? Or maybe an M30 crankset from White Industries? It would help share that kind of experience with a young person and hopefully teach them how rad it is to ride bikes with friends, and that the cycling community is a place where they belong.

Bid at Two Bikes.




The Nomad

Cory Wallace loves to combine adventure, racing and travel. The two-time Canadian Marathon winner and four-time 24hr World Champion has spent the last 16 years chasing all kinds of crazy races around the world, from Mongolia to Nepal, from Australia to Italy, and everywhere in between. A bike adventurer through and through, Cory also has a heart of gold. He weaves humanitarian efforts into everything he does, fundraising for meals and helping Nepalese cyclists raise money for a training center, as well as inspiring kids to get a taste for riding bikes wherever he travels.

In mid-February Cory found himself back in Guatemala, preparing to race the El Reto, a four-day stage event in the heart of the Central American nation. In the weeks leading up to the race, Cory was joined by Matt Clark of Stirl and Rae Media Haus in the hills above Xela, deep in the country’s western highlands. Capturing the entirety of someone’s personality and interests is never easy, but Matt succeeded in portraying the essence of Cory on film. The Nomad gives us a great insight into Cory’s passions. We see Cory immersed in the local scene, connecting with the locals and riders, completely disconnected from the distractions we all face every day.



Where the Magic Happens

Some people ride to push their limits. Others live for the thrill. For Dakoda Tagg, riding is about connecting with his dog, aptly named Ryder. Together, they race the rocky trails of Gunnison, Colo., never more than a few yards apart. “It doesn’t matter where we’re going,” he says. “We’re just riding.”

It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom we can experience on a trail. When everything clicks, nothing should get in the way—especially not your bike. Dakoda relies on Devinci’s quiver killing Troy, whether he’s smashing laps in Crested Butte’s Bike Park or going out for an evening pedal with his dog.



Ultradyamico Mars Tire Review

Gary puts the Ultradynamico Mars tires through the wringer on his vintage MTB…




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @johnprolly

This week, President Biden established a new National Monument surrounding the Grand Canyon: Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument.

According to the Grand Canyon Tribal Coalition that drafted a proposal for the monument, “Baaj Nwaavjo” means “where tribes roam” in Havasupai, and “I’tah Kukveni” translates to “our ancestral footprints” in Hopi.

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