Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs and Wheelsets


Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs and Wheelsets

Industry Nine has spent 2024 rolling out all-new lightweight chassis hub systems through the SOLiX lineup. First came SOLiX G and SOLiX SL wheelsets, and now SOLiX M brings the same quick engagement, low weight, and reduced drag to their lightest and fastest mountain bike wheels yet. Let’s check out some Quick Hits on the three new SOLiX wheelset offerings and an all-new hubset below.

SOLiX is a completely new hub chassis design optimized for efficiency, competitive weight, and increased durability. Building on their previous designs, SOLiX offers lighter weight and lower friction, paired with enhanced sealing. All SOLiX wheelsets and hubsets feature high-load bearings protected by replaceable full-contact radial lip seals to keep the elements at bay.

Additionally, SOLiX uses the same bearing sizes on the drive and non-drive side. This results in equal distribution along the load placed on the hub shells. In addition, the bearing pre-load has been adjusted to increase lifespan of the bearings.


  • 30mm internal width
  • Carbon
  • 1385g
  • $2395/set | €2160

SOLiX M UL250a

  • Ultralight XC Racing
  • 25mm internal width
  • Alloy
  • 1425g
  • $1405/set | €1265


  • XC to Trail
  • 28.5mm internal width
  • Alloy, Hollow Bead Wall
  • 1535g
  • $1405/set | €1265 

SOLiX M TR300/290 DUO

  • Lightweight Trail performance
  • 30mm F/ 29mm R internal width
  • Carbon, DUO Concept
  • 1470g
  • $2395/set | €2160 

MOUNTAIN SOLiX Classic Hubs:

MSRP: $695/pair | €744

Check out the entire SOLiX lineup at Industry Nine.