Readers’ Rides: Mitchell from Two Bikes Knoxville’s Riv Hunq


Readers’ Rides: Mitchell from Two Bikes Knoxville’s Riv Hunq

During the pandemic, bike shops have seen a surge in business, and with this growing popularity of two-wheeled machines, we’re stoked to see non-profits benefiting from the bicycle boom. Mitchell and Matt recently opened Two Bikes, a non-profit in Knoxville, TN. For this week’s Readers’ Rides, we take a look at Mitchell’s Rivendell Hunqapillar, with an interesting backstory…

In celebration of opening our new non-profit, @TwoBikesknoxville, Matt and I are getting around to doing something we’ve talked about for years: photographing our collection of staff bikes and shop bikes. I figured I’d start with my oldest bike, my 2012ish Rivendell Hunqapillar.

I originally bought a 58cm frame with money from selling my car, built it with parts from the local bike co-op, and took it down the pacific coast with a few friends when we were 19. By the time we made it to San Francisco I realized I needed the 62cm frame, so I called Riv. I worked with Kevin, and they ended up trading me a demo frame which I proceeded to build up in their parking lot. I think Kevin made me an espresso, which I had no idea how to drink. I was a kid. They were kind.

Grant somehow figured out that we also climbed and were planning a detour to Yosemite, so he told us to come back the next day with our gear. He loaned us his car (a total beater, for those who are wondering) and gave us directions to the local crag. We climbed all day, and it was great. When we got back it ended up being someone’s birthday, and they were all grilling a bunch of fish and stuff. They gave us tons of food.

The bike. It’s evolved a lot over the years, but a few parts from the bike co-op remain. The Deore triple with hella beausage included. The frame bag was made by @franchpress. She works at Rockgeist and hooked it up. The maroon bags are from Road Runner (who also just donated a ton of stuff for our Cranksgiving, thanks), and the gray bag is from @randyjofab. The rear wheel is shitty, but the front wheel is nice. It’s a @veloorange rim laced to a SON hub. Much fancy. The bars are @tumbleweed Persuaders. They were really expensive – to be honest – but I really like them, and I would buy them again. Heck, I bet I will literally buy them again for another bike.

The drivetrain is from Microshift. It’s the budget 1×9 groupset, and I really like it. The chain on the other hand is really fancy. It’s the KMC X9SL, and I think it’s one of the greatest value chains on the market. Hear me out. It lasts so much longer than any other chain I’ve run that I’m sure if I did the math the per-use-value is lower than less expensive chains.

Oh yeah, and the front brake has about a third of the brake pad sawed off, so I can take the front wheel out without deflating the tire. So far it’s worked well for me. Don’t sue me if you do this and your brakes explode. Just my two cents.

This is my favorite bike. On election night I decided to go camping at a nearby campsite and invited a few folks to come along. Someone asked me if I would be riding a mountain bike or a dropbar bike, and I laughed a little.

It’s a totally relevant question, but nearly all my favorite bikes don’t fit into either category. They’re just bikes. Real practical, fun bikes.

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