VIDEO: Sabali Bicycles ‘Enjoy the Ride’

Ali from Sabali Bicycles, in Toronto recently worked with Marco Baldonado on a short film about his company entitled ‘Enjoy the Ride’; read on for an introduction to the project by Ali and the full-length film below!

My name is Ali, the owner of Sabali Bicycles, a boutique framebuilding company based in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here, I’m dedicated to making timeless frames the old-school way; one at a time, by hand, made from steel.

I make bicycles using steel and hand tools, one at a time, with a special focus on quality. I believe there are a few things as enjoyable as riding a made-to-measure bicycle. In a world where so few things are tailored to our individual needs, and an industry where mass production has dominated for decades, it is a special feeling to send a part of yourself out into the world for someone to enjoy for years to come. I don’t make claims about the performance one might expect from my bicycles, but I like to think my uncompromising approach can be felt during each pedal stroke.

When director Marco Baldonado approached me about making a video of my work, I was excited to open up my process for others to see, and I think he did a wonderful job capturing the essence of what I put into each bicycle. He has an uncanny ability to tell stories and put them on video so that people can relate to the words and pictures on screen.

We hope the video can inspire those who are looking to create something, to put themselves out there, and push forward through the inevitable challenges of putting your heart and soul into whatever it is you believe is worth doing.

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