Ron’s Bikes Closes CT Factory but Brand Will Continue

If you follow Ron’s Bikes on YouTube and are subscribed to their newsletter, then you have already hear but Arya and Ronnie closed their Nutmeg Needleworks factory. We won’t go into the details, that’s why we’re sharing the video, and it’s best to hear if from the bare-chested horse’s mouth anyway. Although, this paragram hit hard:

“So if you purchased any of the small or big things (frames especially) off the site in the past 2 months, we can’t thank you enough. you have kept us floating and out of debt through all of this. We are so lucky to have an established brand, and so many of you with such good taste!”

As a small, independent operation, we back this wholly. Thank you to everyone who has supported Ron’s Bikes and yeah, The Radavist over these past few months!