Gravel Adventure Field Guide: Appalachian Mountain Club Maine Woods Edition

Gravel Adventure Field Guide is excited to announce the release of its first New England guidebook. The adventure guide book company partnered with the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation to produce the AMC Maine Woods edition

What makes this guidebook unique is the historic access the routes included provide adventure cyclists in New England and beyond. AMC owns 114,000 acres of the Maine Woods in Piscataquis County. and has opened up formerly private logging roads to connect gravel cyclists to their three Maine sporting camps. In winter, you can ski cabin to cabin, and now in summer and fall you can reach them on a gravel bike.

The Maine Woods are recognized as the 100 Mile Wilderness, a remote stretch of the Appalachian Trail. While you still can’t ride on the AT, miles of unpaved roads now take you deep into this forested terrain of outdoor adventure. .

On Monday May 13th from 400 to 7:00 PM at Bissell Brothers in Portland, Maine there will be a book release event open to all. Join the Maine gravel community to talk about bikes, time spent outside and Maine sporting camp history. Get inspired and make plans to explore a landscape that profoundly influenced naturalist Henry David Thoreau. A limited number of guidebooks will be available.

For the list of shops, or if you live outside New England, you can roll over to Gravel Adventure Field Guide.