VIDEO: The Migration Race

There are certain rides and races that truly leave their mark. The Migration Gravel Race is more than just Gravel cycling, more than a race, it is a miraculous human experience, for the participants, organisers, and communities of Kenya (human and animal). Rare moments of life shared…

The Migration Race is a 600km Gravel race over four stages/days taking place in the territory of Masai Mara in the south-west of Kenya. The Masai Mara makes up one of the largest nature reserves in Africa, a vast expanse of grassy plains, savannah and hills, and home to an incredible diversity of wildlife.

Beyond its extraordinary herds of zebras and giraffes, the Masai Mara is home to the rich and vibrant culture of the Maasai (note the difference in spelling) people.

Traditionally semi-nomadic, the Maasai tribe, despite the oppressive creep of modernity, succeed in the 21st century in preserving their ancestral traditions and enjoying a way of life in harmony with their natural habitat.

This week of racing would not be possible without men from the Maasai, omnipresent in the organisation, piloting the motos for photographers and journalists, setting up camp, watching over the whole entourage established in wild spaces that they know like the back of their hands. These men would also brighten up our evenings with their songs, dances and beautiful demeanour, always smiling.

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