VIDEO: Rivendell – The String Test for Bike Flex

“It’s interesting in theory, but when you hit bumps in the road you go up with the bike, and there aren’t any normal riding instances I can think of where you’d naturally mimic what Antonio is doing to this extent and feel the frame flex. Maybe the Clem is slightly more comfortable over rough stuff, but the tires still make way more of a difference in comfort than the flex of the tubing, so don’t read into this too much. If I were choosing between a flex-less Clem with soft tires and a flexy Clem with hard tires, I’d choose the flex-less, soft-tired Clem every time.”

Rivendell‘s Friday newsletter included this nifty video. What do you think about this experiment?

Our take: frame flex is mostly discernible in cornering through rough stuff or powering up a climb.