Ben’s Rivendell Rosco Bubbe Baby Carrier

When you become a parent you start to ask the really hard questions, like what kind of amazing bike am I going to build to haul my little kiddo around?  Ben was lucky enough to snag this Rivendell Rosco Bubbe from Alex at Yellow Haus Bicycles when he was clearing out some inventory.  This may look like your average Clem Smith, but nay, this is a Rosco Bubbe experiment. This frame was designed to have a longer top tube to accommodate kid carrier as we see here.  The longer space makes room for the carrier and the rider to fit in the space between the saddle and bars.  This bike is technically Chelsea, Ben’s wife’s rig but it luckily fits them both so they can both take Marcel out for a spin.

Ben has a deep parts bin that makes up most of the build for this bike. Some fenders and a modded Suntour barcon to run 11-speed dyna-sys derailleur from Hubert over at Madrean.  The V-brakes from Colin and a wheelset laced up by Monique. To top it all off is a custom bag from Jay at Bags By Bird.  All in all a totally Tucson effort to get this lovely steed rolling. I mean just look at that blue color and lugged bits, holy wow.

Being a parent is quite the journey, to say the least, so why not have a sweet rig for the ride?

Got a sweet mom or dad rig? Post your kiddo hauler in the comments below!

*Marcel had an unfortunate run-in with a piece of furniture before our shoot, hence the black eye*