Colin’s Custom Knee Scooter

Colin’s Custom Knee Scooter
Words and Photos by Spencer J Harding

Now for something completely different!

Every once in a while the universe just has to just check you a little bit.  A few months ago Colin was skateboarding and when he landed he felt that terrible feeling of a tendon tearing. Turns out he completely tore his Achilles tendon.  Staring down a few months of recovery and physical therapy, Colin quickly looked at his knee scooter and saw an opportunity.  Not being much of a sedentary person, he got to scheming about customizing his scooter for more practical use.

The first addition was double Fabio’s Chest from swift industries for carrying all the snacks and coffee, I thought he could fit Franny, his dog, but he disagreed.  He outfitted the cockpit with a vintage set of bullmoose bars (#bullmooselifestyle), Ergon grips, and an Oveja Negra Chuck Bucket.  He refitted the front end with 12.5” MAX MAX tires and the newest tires from Reen Herz on the back. Front end has a White-Out Voce headset from Chris King and a Custom BICAS head badge.  Vintage Paul levers provide the stopping power with prototype Paul Tire Klampers.

If you’re gonna be on a knee scooter ya might as well have as much fun as you can on it.  Colin saw opportunity to play in his shop and making getting around that much more possible for the time being.  I hadn’t seen him so happy to be rolling again, until I saw him back on a full bike just a few days ago.  In the time between shooting this and posting it Colin has been cleared to take his boot off and ride a bike gently around.  The scooter will get reverted back to its stock build, but for a brief moment it may have been the raddest knee scooter in the world.


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