Sips and Service: Hello Bicycle Cafe and Shop Visit

Iterating on the modern-day classic of bikes and coffee, Hello Bicycle & Cafe offers denizens of Tucson, Arizona, a lovely place to land right off the popular Loop bike path. The cozy cafe is stocked with local pastries and it sits right next to a well-organized shop, offering everything from factory-level suspension service, to complete bikes for purchase. It’s become one of Spencer Harding‘s favorite hangs and he shares a shop visit below…

Sam, the owner of Hello Bicycle & Cafe, moved the business from Seattle back to his hometown of Tucson in August of 2021. He jumped at the opportunity to buy two side-by-side buildings in such close proximity to Tucson’s much beloved Loop bike path. The buildings served as a transmission service shop and warehouse once upon a time, but are now host to Sam’s bike shop, opened in 2021, and its partner cafe, which opened about a year later in 2022.

Hello Cafe offers a full-service coffee bar with an assortment of local pastries. On a cold (for us desert folk) January day the heater was cranked and all was cozy inside. Thom, the barista, treated me to a Coconut Chai Latte which was heavenly. The walls are peppered with art from local artist and plenty of coffee accessories. A few patrons were enjoying the warm temps inside while one brave soul braved the chilly patio out back. The cafe had recently enlisted a landscape architect friend to help install some native plants and rainwater basins. The citrus trees are the only non-native plants in the courtyard. In a few months, the lovely shade of the back patio will be a pleasant refuge from the desert sun.

A few steps from the cafe is the bicycle shop proper. A large garage door opens up the space to reveal views of the Catalina mountains and keeps the space full of natural light. Much to my delight, Sam has decorated the interior with his own custom shelving and hangers. He converted the basement of the cafe to a small wood shop with a CNC and in this space he was able to make all the shelving and hangers for the shop himself. The wood lends a warm tone and it takes me a moment to realize that I was relieved to not see slatwall everywhere.

The custom woodworking also extends to the service area organization. Custom boxes hold every type of disc brake pad with die-cut stickers of each silhouette, allowing the mechanic to quickly find the right set. The parts are all organized in hardware boxes labeled and shelved in custom cabinets. Wheels hang from the rafters on custom hangers. The more I look the more unique details pop out. Sam has done an amazing job outfitting the service area.

Under the name Old Pueblo Suspension Works, the shop offers factory-level suspension service. They service Fox, MRP, Cane Creek, DVO, and Manitou right there at the shop. Save some time and shipping and just swing by Hello Bicycle to get your squishy bits serviced proper right in town.

Currently, Hello Bicycle is a Salsa dealer for whole bicycles and there’s a healthy stock of Journeyer builds covering the showroom floor. It’s a versatile and accessibly-priced bike for most things, and it’s a smart model to stock.

Next time you visit Tucson make sure to swing by Hello Cafe for a sweet snack or cup of coffee. It’s just a few blocks from The Loop and down the street from Tucson Hop Shop—it’s a worthwhile stop for visitors and locals alike!

Hello Bicycle & Cafe
3702 E Hardy Dr
Tucson, AZ 85716

Bike Shop:

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