Allan’s Rivendell Hunqapillar Dirt Tourer

The Hunqapillar. A touring bike with massive clearances for mountain bike tires, tubing spec’d for off-road ripping (fully loaded) and a gorgeous green and cream paint job. Branded as a “Wooly Mammoth Bicycle”, this machine is meant to rip wakki 1-trakk and still make it to Poppi’s Pizza in time for a cold pint or a toke from the wizard’s pipe.

Allan had the unfortunate experience of having all of his bikes stolen from his house. MTB, road, touring, cross. You name it, he had it stolen. As an employee at Mellow Johnny’s – where do they get those wonderful toys? – he had accumulated quite the wealth of two-wheeled dream machines. Then, they were all gone. Just like that. Poof.

Alas, all hope was not lost. Once the smoke cleared and the renter’s insurance check came in, Allan knew what to do. Jared at Rivendell is an Austinite and knows Allan very well, so when he put in a call, this lonely Hunqapillar frame made its way to Austin. This beast of a bicycle is brand-spankin’ new and having spent maybe 10 whole minutes riding it to shoot photos, I can already say that it is by far one of the raddest bikes I’ve ridden.

I’ve done a pretty good job documenting the parts in the photos, so I’ll spare you the full list. I even shot it against a wall AND propped up in front of trees so you can have your pick. I like this bike that much…

People have asked me in the past, if I would ever ride a Rivendell and my answer has always been the Hunqapillar. See for youself why in the gallery!