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Oakley Partners with the Trans Cascadia

Photos by Dylan VanWeelden

To say Trans Cascadia is a lot of work is an understatement. It’s an unprecedented undertaking in the backcountry of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Since its inception, various companies have come on board to assist in the trail work team’s efforts. Earlier this year, we looked at the Sycip eMTB the Shimano team worked on and now, Oakley announces their partnership with the race. Check out the full press release below!


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Enjoy the Weekend!

Yes, I know you don’t need the reminder, I just like using this as an excuse to share random riding photos… ;-)

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The Raleigh Cycle Company Headquarters

A reader shared this post with us on Instagram recently, from an account that focuses on UK history:

“The purpose-built flagship office for the Raleigh Cycle Company in Nottingham is now listed at Grade II. It is the 400,000th entry to the List, which records the extraordinarily varied heritage of England and offers protection so these places can continue to be appreciated for years to come. ”

Check out more information of this unique building at Historic England.

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the Inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race – Race Report 01

Inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race: Ultra-endurance in Kyrgyzstan
Words by Lian van Leeuwen, photos by TH Photos, Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi, and Giovanni Maria Pizzato.

There’s always a first. Last Saturday, ninety-eight riders embarked on the inaugural PEdAL ED Silk Road Mountain Race. It might be the new kid on the block in the field of ultra-endurance bike races, but it’s definitely not the one trying to quietly blend in. Set in the vast landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, this unsupported single-stage race covers over 1700 km and 26,000 m of climbing, following decrepit Soviet roads and alpine horse trails, with very limited options to resupply along the route. All of this to be tackled within a fourteen-day time cut.
Who to watch and what to expect?
As the riders are moving into Day 4, the contours of the race are starting to take shape.

The unpredictable conditions of Kyrgyzstan’s alpine landscape already left their mark on this adventurous race. A sudden and severe snowstorm on Day 1 stopped many of the contestants on their way to the first high peak of the parcours: the 3,780 m Kegety pass. While part of the riders in the front managed to get through, many decided to camp at the bottom to wait out the storm. (more…)

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Box Dog Bikes Was Broken Into

San Francisco’s Box Dog Bikes was broken into yesterday and the thieves took a ton of Kona, Salsa, and All-City completes. For shops like Box Dog, this is a huge blow, as the thieves took almost all of their stock. If you live in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for the models, which are listed below. Head to Box Dog Bikes’ Instagram for more information.


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When You’re Late to the Trailhead Meetup


Last night, Cache, Jimmy, and myself escaped the city heat for the higher elevations in LA. After shooting Jimmy’s new bike, we took a dirt road back down and shot Cache’s 1992 Subaru Loyale. Don’t worry, Cache is probably going 15mph in that photo, it just looks fast because it’s an uphill, right turn. I don’t advocate reckless driving!

Expect Jimmy’s new bike up on the site next week. I hope everyone’s stayin’ cool out there!

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Matt From Crust Bikes is Rolling Again! PLUS A THANK YOU!

Photos by @Ripofff

Well, he’s kinda sorta rolling again, but at least he’s mobile while he heals up from that gnarly skatepark wreck. Matt from Crust emailed over these fun images of the first ever Crust Scoot mobility scooter and a kind, heartfelt thank you:

“I just wanted to write and say thank you, to you and everyone who helped raise money for my surgery. It really did turn a huge negative into an incredibly positive one.
All the support and well wishes I received from both friends and strangers alike was unbelievable and most importantly because of that generosity I was able to stay with my wife and get surgery here and not have to leave the country. For that, I cannot thank everyone enough.
Also, I set some pics of my sweet new ride. I still can’t walk for seven weeks, so I thought I had better make the best of the situation. ”

Check out more photos of the Crust Scoot below! (more…)

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Enjoy the Weekend!

Hopefully you’re able to get out, away from it all with your best friend this weekend!

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