Let’s Give Hope Cyclery Some Hope


Let’s Give Hope Cyclery Some Hope

Hope Cyclery, run by our good friends Jarrod and David, in Johnstown, PA, recently had their shop broken into. Everyone knows it’s not easy being an independent bike shop these days, yet Hope Cyclery has been building community and increasing cycling awareness in an area that is struggling.

Hope Cyclery has brought cycling tourism to local businesses through the Higher Ground event and increased awareness of outdoor recreation potential in this post-steel industry setting.

Today, they were broken into and lost inventory while leading a group ride. Already on a shoestring budget, this might break them. We know money is tight right now, but if you’ve been wanting a new, custom build, Hope has a deposit web page set up to take deposits. Or you can browse their in-stock inventory. If you’re curious about what kind of builds Hope offers and what Jarrod has done for The Radavist over the years, check out our Related Archives below.

Let’s give them some love on their Instagram too!