ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve Refreshed The Radavist


ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve Refreshed The Radavist

We’ve been working on this refresh for over nine months with two talented designers, Seth and Julian, as well as an equally talented developer, Ian. Together, we’ve fixed many issues with the platform’s backend, updated it to a new infrastructure, and paved the way for multiple website improvements.

While this initial launch might not seem like a big change, allow me to walk you through it.

Photo: Kyle Klain

Our Radar column has shifted back to the left column. This is how the website was pre-2016 refresh. Now, we’ll be slow-dripping products and videos on the left throughout the day. Radar = news blips.

The middle column is our endemic content. This is content we produce ourselves. All Reportage galleries; Shop Visits, Beautiful Bicycles, Events, and Reviews will be in the middle column. The center feed will also contain Radar reviews or reviews that don’t include a gallery.

On the far right is our ad columns; these ads, along with your Group Ride subscription, merch sales, sponsored content (when noted), and affiliate links (we’re working on a page to explain how we use all of these – thanks for your patience!) keep this website and its staff funded. Thanks for your support!

As with every refresh, there will be formatting issues or bugs that pop up from time to time. We have a checklist that’s running but if you spot anything awry, please note it here in the comments!

Happy New Year!