We’d Like to Welcome Josh Weinberg to The Radavist’s Editorial Team


We’d Like to Welcome Josh Weinberg to The Radavist’s Editorial Team

Perhaps you read our announcement last month about The Radavist merging with The Pro’s Closet?

These are exciting times, and we’re excited about many new initiatives. One of those includes hiring an editor to help take some workload off my shoulders.

After running this platform solo for 15+ years, I think it’s safe to say it’s time for a right-hand editor to help out. Well, we put out a call for applications for this position, had some great interviews, and were pleasantly surprised to find one of our endemic contributors fit the role perfectly.

Josh Weinberg has penned and photographed some wonderful pieces for The Radavist over the years and his contributions will help with our vision for 2022 and beyond. For the past few years, he’s spent his time working for Arizona State University where he used SEO and other web tactics to grow its online degree programs. We’ll be tapping into Josh’s knowledge for growing The Radavist while leaning heavily on his photography and organizational skills to continue our pursuit of documenting cycling’s Radical Atavists.

We compiled a list of some of the stories Josh has shared with The Radavist over the years below in our Related Archives, so take a few minutes to check those out!

I’d like to personally thank Josh for being such a solid companion over the years and look forward to seeing him grow his role here at The Radavist! I might add, he’s got a stellar eye for medium format photography, so be sure to give him a follow on Instagram!

– John Watson, founder, and director at The Radavist