VIDEO: Eco Hack! Saving the Mojave Desert Tortoise from Extinction

John and Cari have spent countless hours in the Mojave Desert and cataloged desert tortoises, Gopherus agassizii, on a few trips, for the Mojave National Preserve. These unique desert reptiles were officially listed as a threatened species in 1990. While the herpetological organizations studying them have made great progress in educating the public about their presence and role in the Mojave Desert, there is still a way to go.

What if, to protect one species, you had to slightly annoy another? Watch this exciting documentary project from The New Yorker.

*Editorial note: picking up a desert tortoise is highly illegal. In doing so, the animal will often release its urine and water stores and will often times die afterward due to dehydration. Many desert animals get their water from eating plants in the form of terrestrial cacti and flowers, which can take weeks to gather after leaving their winter burrows. If you encounter a desert tortoise crossing a road, be it a dirt road or highway, please give it space and allow it to make the journey by itself…