Shovel Research Fork Mounted Brake Cable Hanger (FMBCH) Re-Up


Shovel Research Fork Mounted Brake Cable Hanger (FMBCH) Re-Up

Shovel Research has been dissatisfied with the commonly available fork-mounted cable hangers and this is the answer: the FMBCH

It mounts to your fork crown hole and provides enough height to properly set up wide profile cantis. For those with a long distance from the headset to the cable carrier, this offers a more rigid hanger solution, while for those with very short headtubes this may simplify cable routing that would otherwise need a tight turn. For everyone, it minimizes cable rub when you use a front bag.

It has some drilled and tapped speed holes for the look, as well as a slot for lightness. CNC’d by Shove Research in Portland, Oregon. Pairs well with the Rod Steward bag support, too!


  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight: 23g (28g with brass adjuster)
  • Finish: anodized (black, silver, or gold)
  • Logo lasered on under side

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