Redshift’s PRO Endurance Seatpost

Introducing the ShockStop PRO Endurance Seatpost. This new seatpost broadens Redshift’s range of suspension seatpost options giving every cyclist the perfect setup that compliments their riding style, bike type, and the terrain they ride…

The PRO endurance post is designed for riders who want highly adjustable preload/stiffness, active but damped travel, and favor a longer travel (35mm) seatpost. It fits right between the original ShockStop seatpost and the current PRO Race version. The dual-spring + elastomer suspension configuration provides significant damping without limiting fast reaction. And the fine tuning of stiffness enables everyone to dial in the perfect feel. The PRO Endurance post is ideally suited for gravel, road, adventure, and MTB riding.

With this additional seatpost, Redshift now has a complete lineup of seatposts for every riding style and bicycle type, offering three models finely-tuned for different use case applications:

  • The [original] ShockStop Endurance Seatpost is the most active and ideally suited for the rider
    looking for maximum compliance and comfort.
  • The [NEW] ShockStop PRO Endurance Seatpost is the most versatile seatpost in the range; it is
    active yet damped, stiffness can be finely tuned, and it has the full 35mm of travel.The [current PRO model] ShockStop PRO Race Seatpost is optimized for gravel racing and road
    riding by employing a high degree of damping and a shorter 20mm of travel.


  • Designed for riders who want a lightweight seatpost with active suspension and significant damping
  • Fine tune Preload and Stiffness
  • 35mm of bottomless travel
  • Elastomers + coil springs provide fast reaction and damping
  • Perfect for gravel, road, adventure, and MTB
  • Lightweight – up to 13% weight reduction (up to 74 grams!) than the equivalent set-up in the standard ShockStop Endurance Seatpost


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