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Side 2 Side with the Giro Aether MIPS

While I don’t plan to be “twistin my body from side 2 side” anytime soon on my road bike, it’s comforting to know that like technology, cycling safety design is progressing at a – pardon the analogy here – breakneck speed. I’ll be honest, I don’t often do helmet reviews but I’ll admit I was really upset when Giro canceled the Atmos helmet. As a guy with a large dome, the Atmos fit me quite well, didn’t look obtuse, and felt great, even after long, hot days in the mountains. Later, Giro launched the Synthe, which I liked enough to make a Radavist edition, which I still stand firmly behind. So I’ll be honest with 100% transparency here. I really didn’t feel the need to talk about Giro’s new Aether MIPS when it launched today but upon my second ride in the helmet this morning, I was sold on both the comfort and the safety features of this revolutionary design… (more…)

Jul 2, 2018 11 comments
A Summer Celebration with the Athletic’s Electric Cycling Collection

There’s something mystical, magical about riding in the summer. The long days, the heat, the early morning starts. This frenetic energy is the inspiration for the Athletic’s newest cycling collection, aptly named “Electric Cycling Collection.” Hand-drawn by Julie Krasniak, who likes the hand-drawn look, as it embodies that “Keep Moving” mantra. See the design as a kit, accessories, socks and more, for men and women and in stock now at the Athletic.

Jun 28, 2018 2 comments
SOLD OUT: Rad Rod Shirt and Bottle Package by Gerald Bowles

Inspired by the great Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, artist Gerald Bowles created this graphic and it felt like such a great image for the Radavist, so we pinged our friends at FUN to print the design on a black Bayside, Made in the USA pocket t-shirt, and a “big gulp” Purist bottle. We’re selling these shirts paired with a set of bottles for $50 plus shipping. For those who don’t want a shirt, we’ll have some loose bottles we’ll put up after this package ships, so please be patient.


Please note: International Shipping is expensive since this package exceeds the First Class limit of 15.9oz. We’re taking a hit on the shipping cost even at $25 for International Packages, so thanks for understanding. :-)

Jun 25, 2018 6 comments
Search and State’s New Skinner Print Series Jersey

Random patterns, whether disruptive like camo, or more organic and chaotic like the newest from Search and State, can deliver a unique look to your cycling apparel collection. As a part of their 2018 Signature Print Series, the Skinner Pattern is made from a solid black ground with random skin print markings. The original print was hand-painted in New York City before being transferred to a digital rendering. No two Skinner prints are alike, so rest assured yours will be unique and a true original. These are very limited, with only one run being made in New York City, so if this pattern tickles you, be sure to pick one up at Search and State!

Jun 22, 2018 3 comments
Wolf Tooth’s B-RAD Pump and Other Stuff Bag

Wolf Tooth has grown their B-RAD lineup to include these Pump Bags, ready to carry whatever you can cram into them. Perhaps even a Sin Dawg from the looks of it? I’ve been using a similar, yet a lot smaller bag for some time now, carrying the Silca pocket pump, or a Dynaplug with a Co2. If you’ve got bottle bosses to spare, these nifty bags can put them to use. My personal favorite is the underside of the downtube, particularly on a touring bike or hardtail, for when you don’t need three full bottles. See more at Wolf Tooth!

Jun 18, 2018 8 comments