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PedalED Launches Women’s Collection

PedalED, makers of Japanese and Italian cycling apparel have launched a robust women’s collection, just in time for summer. The collection features everything from base layers to jackets, socks and caps, all featuring PedalED’s pristine detailing and color palettes. Be sure to check this out, if you’re looking for something new. The women’s collection is live at PedalED.

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Salsa Cycles: Titanium Fargo Frameset

Out of the blue, Salsa Cycles announced the arrival of the new and improved titanium Fargo, with a Firestarter 110 fork. These frames are veritable do-it-all pack mules, offering a variety of cargo solutions for just about any excursion you could throw at it. See more details at Salsa.

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Rivendell’s New Sackville CLEMBASACK for the Wald Clem Bosco Basket

Over the years, Rivendell has been one of the biggest supporters of the almighty Wald Basket, often times designing bags – dubbed Sackville – specifically for use in these affordable cargo solutions. Their newest is designed to fit in their Wald Clem Bosco Basket, named the CLEMBASACK, these sacks come in light grey, blue and olive. All three colors are in stock now at Rivendell.

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SRAM Announces Eagle NX

Well, it’s happened. SRAM’s Eagle technology has trickled down to the NX group, offering a very affordable component group with a 11-50t range. I’ve been running various models of Eagle technology on my bikes, and can’t see myself going back anytime soon. See more at SRAM.

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Paul Component Engineering Does Purple

Paul Component Engineering’s latest anodized offering is the color of royalty, the Phoenicians, Barney, and Three Six Mafia’s favorite drink; purple! Head on over to PAUL to see more. If you don’t see the component you’d like anodized, you can email Paul and request it!

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BMC’s Roadmachine X Is a Sleek All-Road with Rack and Fender Mounts

With the popularity of all-road, light tourers, and other drop bar bikes, it seems the design features once only found on bikes like Salsa and Surly, has trickled to the larger brands. The latest to throw their cap in the ring is BMC, with their Roadmachine X all-road. BMC’s distinguishable profile is applied to a do-it-all drop bar bike, with extra braze-ons for racks and fenders. See more at BMC!

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Add 40mm of Overall Width to Your Favorite MTB Bar with the Control Tech Terminator Bar Extender Plugs

It’s happened more often than not; finding a bar that I really love but perhaps it comes in just shy of my preferred overall width. On a MTB bar that margin is in actuality quite small. Earlier this year, I came across the Control Tech Terminator bar extender plugs. They’re a simple design, with an expanding clamp that inserts into your favorite MTB bar and tightens down, adding 2cm to either end of the bar, and 40mm in overall width. Using simple math, that takes a bar that is 760mm to 800mm. Or in the case of my Hunter rigid 29’r with 710mm wide Nitto Bullmoose bars – which always felt a little narrow for my broad shoulders – into more comfortable 750mm overall. They come in two clamp sizes; 22.2mm and 23.8mm. They’re a little product with a big impact and at around $20 for a set, won’t dent your wallet. The only bad news is it appears they’ve been discontinued, so your shop will have a hard time tracking them down, but luckily, they can still be found online and on eBay…

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Win an Argonaut Road Bike and Support Oregon Adaptive Sports

It’s not every day you get a chance to win a bike like this!

“Donate for your chance to win an Argonaut! We’re excited to be partnering with Oregon Adaptive Sports in association with the Best of Both bike race to help people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors.

Argonaut along with the help of Chris King, Shimano, and others TBA – are donating a complete custom road bike to be awarded to the drawing winner, which will be held Saturday June 16th during the Best of Both afterparty. 100% of proceeds go to Oregon Adaptive Sports.

A single entry is included with a donation of $50.00, and three entries are included with a donation of $125.00. There is no limit on the number of entries an individual can receive by making a donation.”

Enter now at Argonaut Cycles.

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Dirtbags Bikepacking Four Deep Downtube Bag

When you’re touring or bikepacking, you’ll find yourself over-stuffing your bags to fit it all on your bike. That’s when bags like these Dirtbags Four Deep Downtube Bags come in handy. Fit tent poles, hoagies, Sin Dawgs, or other touring essentials into these nifty bags. From the looks of things, they’re working on a similar bag, being tested on the Tour Divide right now.

Head over to Dirtbags to check out their product line.

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