Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork


Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork

Announced this morning, Cane Creek enters the gravel bike suspension market with two inverted forks; Invert SL 30 mm ($1099.99) and Invert CS 40 mm ($1199.99). Let’s check out more below.

Invert SL 30 mm Travel ($1099.99)

The SL is the more minimal and lightweight model, for those that want the least intrusive option, but still want the rider benefit of Invert. It forgoes the Climb Switch mechanism and comes with 30 mm of travel. This shorter option may also be preferable to some riders who want to keep their stance on the front of the bike lower. Invert SL weighs less than 1 kilogram.

Invert CS 40 mm Travel ($1199.99)

The CS comes with 40 mm of fork travel and a Climb Switch, that when clicked, dramatically reduces the amount of fork movement for pedaling out of the saddle. The Climb Switch button is inspired by the simple click of a pen and is as satisfying to click as the feature is to use.

Cane Creek’s all-new Invert gravel fork will be available for purchase by early Summer 2024 through retailers, distributors, and factory direct at Visit to sign up and receive an email notification when it is available for purchase.