Starling Cycles Extends Warranty to 7 Years


Starling Cycles Extends Warranty to 7 Years

With the bike industry awash with uncertainty over the future of brands right now Starling Cycles is committed to looking after its riders long-term, both original owners, and those that bought second-hand, offering a 7-year extended warranty…

Starling will now offer new and existing customers a full seven-year warranty and crash replacement service on its frames. The update applies to all owners of Starling’s V3 ‘Core’ Murmur, Swoop and Twist frames. Existing customers will receive an extension on their existing warranty – and new ones will receive the full seven-year policy from the point of purchase.

Key Points To Know:

  • Starling now offers a 7-year warranty, extended from 2 years on V3 frames.
  • … This includes a manufacturer’s warranty and crash replacement.
  • This applies to existing owners whose warranty will be extended, and to all new owners from now.
  • The change is to emphasise the brand’s commitment to its customers.
  • … And to give customers confidence in a time when many brands are closing or unable to honour warranty.
  • Starling offers frame repair, refurb and repaint services in-house.
  • Starling will always aim to repair or refurb a frame rather than replace it. It is committed to keeping frames in circulation for as long as possible.

Starling Cycles’ handbuilt, steel mountain bike frames are, the brand says, built to last and designed to counter throw-away culture and the bike industry’s ‘new bike every season’ mindset. Many of its customers are riding bikes that are several years old, dating back to the early days of the brand with many owners on bikes that are 7 or 8 years old and still going strong.

The frames are designed to be tough enough to last indefinitely but to be repairable and refurbishable. Starling offers its warranty to all customers, covering manufacturing failures and also a crash-repair service and frame repair, repaint and refurbishment services.

Should a frame fail or be damaged, it can often be repaired in-house and returned to the customer in nearly good-as-new condition. Frames can also be refurbished, repainted and often upgraded to keep them running beautifully year after year. Because the frames are steel, almost all damage can be repaired rather than the whole frame being scrapped.

The warranty will now cover customers for seven years, applying to original owners. Non-original owners are also welcome to contact Starling with any issues, with the brand’s frame repair and refurb service available to them.

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