The Portland Bike Stand: A Premium, Fully Compatible Wheel-On Trainer Stand


The Portland Bike Stand: A Premium, Fully Compatible Wheel-On Trainer Stand

We got a look at the Portland Bike Stand at last year’s MADE show. It’ the world’s first fully compatible wheel-on trainer stand for shops and bike fitters alike. Let’s check it out…

As a high-volume, Physio Bike-Fitter working with ALL types of riders and bikes, Kevin Schmidt found himself frustrated with the limitations of the average, cheap wheel-on bike trainers, as they don’t accept larger bikes, axles, and wheel/tire sizes like FatBike, 29er, Cargo, and e-Bike, and top out at roughly 250 Lbs for capacity, leaving out a lot of larger riders and bikes. In 2017, Kevin began creating what would become The Portland Bike Stand, the very first wheel-on trainer that accepts 99% of ALL bikes and ALL riders, and over 500 lbs capacity!

As you might imagine, the Portland Bike Stand received a lot of attention and demand over the years,including from some of the largest outdoor retailers in the US but the brand was never were able to manufacture these to meet the demand. After a chance meeting with Onyx Racing Components at the MADE Bike Show this past September, PBS now has full US manufacturing (Minnesota).


  • 42 Lbs, with a footprint of 32” x 27” for stability
  • Largest axle range ever created, and accepts as narrow as BMX / Sturmey, and as wide as 11”+ for Fat Bike, Cargo, 29er, and
  • E-bike axles, and over 500 Lbs load capacity
  • Machined brass fittings lessen friction to trainer axles under load
  • Proprietary locking axle design, and large, faucet-style knobs for better leverage
  • Capacity for over 500# for larger riders, bigger bikes, eBikes
  • USA Made, and fully replaceable parts
  • Powder-coated for increased durability and aesthetics; Soon will be available with custom colors, anodization, and other colors of powder to customize the unit
  • Interchangeable resistance, compatible with Kurt Kinetic units (not included)

These heavy duty trainers are designed for high-volume work in shops and bike fitters, as such the Portland Bike Stand retails for $2,499. If you’re interested, they’re for sale at The Portland Bike Stand.