Quirk Cycles TITAN Custom Titanium Road Bike


Quirk Cycles TITAN Custom Titanium Road Bike

The TITAN is the first custom titanium bicycle offering from Quirk Cycles. Known for their elegant and excellently crafted steel bikes, the new titanium TITAN expands Quirk’s catalog with Columbus Hyperion tubing for a “fast, responsive and beautifully compliant ride.”

For a decade, Quirk Cycles has been refining what a modern steel road bike should be, using innovative manufacturing techniques. Now, they have applied their knowledge to the matchless ride feel of titanium.

The TITAN is their first titanium road bike. It claims to be fast, responsive and beautifully compliant. It’s a contemporary design engineered in advanced materials, “the ultimate modern road bike.”

Quirk Cycles is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of bike production by harnessing the potential of the latest materials and technology. While they honor tradition, they are driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly seeking fresh and inventive approaches.


  • Columbus Hyperion titanium tubing
  • Progressive tube diameters (proportionally sized tubes for ultimate compliance to stiffness ratio)
  • Titanium Fork
  • Integrated cabling (in-house 3D headtube offers fully hidden cables routed in frame)
  • Disc brake equipped
  • 3D printed titanium construction
  • 35mm max tire size
  • T47 BB standard
  • 27.2mm seatpost
  • 160mm max rotor
  • Frameset: £6500 inc VAT / Full builds starting at £9.5k

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Photos courtesy of Nikoo Hamzavi