Introducing Two New Road Bike Models from Quirk Cycles: Durmitor ULTRA and RAT PENAT


Introducing Two New Road Bike Models from Quirk Cycles: Durmitor ULTRA and RAT PENAT

Our friends at London-based Quirk Cycles are best known for their custom steel gravel bikes with stunning finishes and, this week, they’ve announced two new exciting road bike models. Let’s take a closer look at the Durmitor ULTRA and RAT PENAT below…

Durmitor ULTRA

The Durmitor ULTRA is an unapologetic contemporary stainless steel road bike. Using the best materials available, Quirk has stripped back down to the purity of what an unadulterated, unfussy road bike should be.

Building upon the development of their 3D-printed stainless steel parts with the addition of a fully integrated printed head tube, the Durmitor ULTRA is clearly uncompromising in its choice of materials. Are we correct in saying that this is the only 3D printed stainless steel road bike in the world?


Conversely, with their second road model, Quirk has flipped everything the ULTRA stands for on its head, and released the RAT PENAT – an uber-lightweight classic steel road bike that eschews the latest road bike trends in favor of the simplicity of rim brakes, untapered steerers, and skinny rubber.

The focus here is weight, and by shifting from disc brakes back to rim brakes, a remarkably large amount of weight can be dropped from a complete build. The first RAT PENAT just tipped the scales at a svelte 6.7kg. That’s right – a steel road bike – and apparently Quirk wasn’t even trying. With exotic parts, such as Clavicle cranks, it’s easy to envision complete builds approaching 6kg or less! A modern classic?

To learn more, head over to Quirk Cycles

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