The Viral Bikes Wanderer Drop Bar Adventure Bike Features a Pinion Gearbox


The Viral Bikes Wanderer Drop Bar Adventure Bike Features a Pinion Gearbox

The Wanderer is Viral’s drop-bar-specific titanium adventure bike, designed for rough roads and the longest of backcountry adventures, all with an electronic-shifting Pinion gearbox…

Mounting points abound on the Wanderer, making it possible to carry as much gear as possible. The frame itself is built around mountain bike standards, including a full 100mm travel mountain bike suspension fork and boost spacing. The Wanderer is built specifically around the SmartShift, Pinion’s electronically shifted gearbox.

TRP has stepped up to the plate with the Hywire, a drop bar shifter/lever (the brifter) combo designed around the Smartshift that allows for a proper shifting experience with drop bars and the Pinion gearbox. Worried about battery life for electronic shifting? Pinion claims a full 10,000 shifts per charge, making the SmartShift charging a non-issue for all but the longest of adventures.

The Wanderer also pushes the boundaries of gravel or adventure bike geometry. With a slack 67.5 ̊ head tube angle and long front center, Viral aims to push the wheelbase and reach of the Wanderer for more stability and confidence-inspiring descending, loaded or not. In addition, Viral is changing the game in terms of size-specific geometry, concentrating on the seat tube angle vs. size-specific chainstay lengths.

Instead, the new Wanderer puts larger riders AND smaller riders more forward on the bike, with a steeper seat tube angle, to accomplish the same thing as longer chainstays would.  The Wanderer also has a unique seat cluster up its sleeve, which de-couples the top tube from the seat tube and uses a titanium spring plate welded to the seat stays to support the rider. This offers between 10-20mm of flex to the seat tube, giving the rider even more comfort and control over the rough stuff.

The Wanderer frame kit ($5995) will come with a frame, the Pinion C1.12i Smartshift gearbox, forged cranks, battery, charger, wiring, and a full TRP Hywire brake set with 180mm rotors front and rear (either 6-bolt or center lock rotors are available).It will also come with a Gates CDX cogs and belt, the Pinion cog lock ring tool, and the first 6,000-mile oil change kit.

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 For the Pre-Order special, a half-down deposit will get you the TRP brifters for free, so the frame kit will be $5495. The MSRP of a complete with a SID SL Ultimate is $9795, but the pre-order special will be half-down and $9000, so $800 off.