Tout Terrain North American Stocks the CINQ Plug5 and CINQ Plug6 System


Tout Terrain North American Stocks the CINQ Plug5 and CINQ Plug6 System

Keeping your electronics charged on tour is essential and there are a few different approaches. Some people opt for a chargeable batter pack they’ll plug in when they stop in towns for resupply, while others rely on dynamo charging. One option on that front is the CINQ system, with its Plug6 and Plug5 kits, now carried by Tout Terrain North America…

Currently in its sixth iteration, the aptly named CINQ Plug6 Plus takes the place of a standard stem top-cap, with the body of the power port fitting snugly inside a 1-1/8” fork steerer tube (with inner shaft diameter of 24.1mm). Once installed, the CINQ Plug6 Plus taps into and optimizes the energy generated by a dynamo hub to provide consistent and reliable charging, regardless of riding speed.

Ideal for extended trips off the grid, when GPS devices, phones, or camera batteries may require frequent recharging, the Plug6 Plus is fully weather-sealed against extreme elements, including dust, rain, and temperatures ranging from -15 to 60°C. Simply twist the top to open and close the USB-C port when not in use.

The CINQ Plug6 Plus weighs 195 grams and is available for $359.00.

For a more minimalist approach to on-the-go power access, Tout Terrain also offers the CING Plug5 Pure, which saves riders 145 grams by removing the charging optimizer, meaning power supply will fluctuate based on the speed of the spinning dynamo.

The CINQ Plug5 Pure weights 50 grams and is available for $249.00.

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