Hydrapak Disrupts Bottle Filtration with Breakaway+


Hydrapak Disrupts Bottle Filtration with Breakaway+

We’ve seen the concept before, but never at this level of execution. Hydrapak’s new Breakaway+ bottle plus water filter comes in two sizes, 30 oz and 20 oz, and looks to have covered all the issues we had about these sorts of bottle filters. Let’s check it out.

Hydrapak’s Breakaway+ filtration system allows you to carry a single bottle when potable water is on your route by combining a bottle and a filter in one. This integrated filter removes Escherichia coli bacteria, Cryptosporidium parvum cysts, and Giardia Lamblia from approximately 1,500 liters of water at a rate of >1L per minute.

Having used water filters for over 20 years, the first thing we noticed when we saw other versions is the lack of cover on the bottle spout. Even for just piece of mind, it’s important to cover the drinking port of any filtration system. Hydrapak’s flip-up MuckGuard protects the nozzle from mud, grit, and contamination opens with one hand and seals the valve when closed.

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