Tracko Goes Metal with Moth Attack Aug 3, 2012

Now something you might not know about Kyle is that below those Birkenstocks lies a doom-metal head, as evident here by his latest video for GSC and Moth Attack:

“I needed a travel bike but didn’t have the money for a custom frame. So Megan at Moth Attack just put S&S Couplers on my FBM Sword.”

Fucking Electric Wizard!

  • Mark

     when you posted about the sword the other day, that was my first thought. no cables, no nothing, just tear that sucker in half and travel.

  • traskVT

    sorry for my ignorance (I come from the bmx world, and only got into 700c’s recently, so I don’t know shit) but what do the couplers do exactly? 

    • They enable you to break your bike in half (two pieces) and your whole bike will fit into a wheel box, which is small enough to be checked with luggage and not have to pay a bike fee.

      • traskVT

        that is awesome!

    • traskVT

      ahh, scratch that. did some search engine digging and answered my own question. What a rad idea! 

  • Which album is this song from.  You should do a metal blog as a side project. Because your not busy right (sarcasm)

  • CrystalFellow

    That was incredibly satisfying. 

  • zeeeeeeecore

     Megan reppin’ No Statik and Trial… word!

  • Munjal Thakkar