Radar Roundup: 44RN Sunglasses, Link Wrench, Bumper Bar, MASH Steel Bikes, Standert Stichsäge, and Back To Basics


Radar Roundup: 44RN Sunglasses, Link Wrench, Bumper Bar, MASH Steel Bikes, Standert Stichsäge, and Back To Basics

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

44RN Sunglasses $175

You might know 44RN for their chainrings but Aaron Panone has designed several sunglasses over the years and this year’s production might be the best yet! Introducing AARN brand’s “Nylaarn” Bio-Based Nylon Polymer Sunglasses, designed, engineered, and manufactured by Aaron Panone in Massachusetts, USA. These sunglasses do not come from an eyewear factory: Nylaarn sunglasses frames are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques from a proprietary formulation of bio-based renewable raw materials, with less negative environmental impact than traditional crude-oil-based plastics.

See the black “Lawnmower” and yellow “Mud Flaps” at 44RN!

Forager Cycles Link Wrench $31

If you run racks on your touring bike, then you usually carry a few open box wrenches. The Forager Cycles Link Wrench offers up a titanium wrench in 10, 8, and 9mm sizes. You can even use the lanyard as an emergency master link opener! The wrench is laser cut in the USA and is in stock now at Forager Cycles.

Restrap Bumper Bar $59.99

The Bumper Bar is a unique accessory that serves multiple functions; as a hard point for mounting lights while also acting as a spacer for our range of bar bags, pushing them upwards and away from the front wheel. This is ideal for smaller bikes with a low stack height or where handlebar to tire clearance is limited.

Made from CR4 Steel with a durable powder-coated finish, the Bumper Bar includes a front grille and 30mm slots on the top and bottom that work seamlessly with the retention straps of our bar bags. Also included are 5mm diameter holes on the top and bottom for additional mounting options.

The front is curved to allow the fitting of most lights, where the position out the front of the steerer is ideal for forward visibility.

The Bumper Bar acts as a 3mm headset spacer and is designed to fit all 1 1/8th” steerers. In stock and shipping now from Restrap.

2022 Mash Steel Frames $900

With clearance to fit a 38mm tire and two new paint jobs, the new Mash Steel Fixed frames drop this morning at Mash. Each frame is ED coated and feature new paint designs with a classic Mash aesthetic. Check out all the information at Mash’s blog and see stock and availability at Mash’s webshop.



Standert Stichsäge

The Stichsäge is approaching rapidly. Literally. Standert’s brand new cyclocross competition and fun machine is made from scandium aluminum and is their first bike to feature fully integrated cabling. Handmade in Italy and available as framesets and complete bikes next week at Standert.


Back To Basics – Dan Hardy

A short cycling film created and edited by Matt Stone, Staring Dan Hardy discussing his experiences within cycling



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @dustinthewind_bicycle_repair

Dustin from Phil Wood shared this wonderful portrait and story:

“This is Dale Saso. He built this bike for Phil Wood back in the 1980’s. Dale stopped by the other day and of course I had to do some #amatuerphotography of him with the bike he built so long ago. He’s still building bicycles today, In fact he just told me he had a new design of truck bike. I guess I’ll have to get over to his shop and check it out! Also I still ride this bike to lunch sometimes.”

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