Park Tool CT-15 Professional Chain Tool

Park Tool just rolled out a series of new tools at Eurobike, and the chain tool caught our eye…

The CT-15 professional-grade chain tool is designed to drive rivets in and out of any bicycle chain, from beefy single-speed half-link chains to the latest 13-speed systems. It features an all-new triple-wide floating shelf that ensures every chain is securely fixtured and centered during use: no more missed punches or misaligned chains. The ergonomic handle stores spare driving pins as well as a peening anvil used for peening Campagnolo® 11, 12, and 13-speed chains. Best of all, it’s rugged and durable enough for daily use and is fully rebuildable.


  • Compatible with single-speed bicycle chains including 1/8”, 3/16” and half-link
  • Compatible with all 5 to 13-speed derailleur chains, including SRAM® 12-speed Flattop™, SRAM® 12-speed T-Type™,
  • Shimano® 12-speed XTR™ and Campagnolo® 13-steed Ekar™.
  • Includes removable anvil for peening Campagnolo® 11 to 13-speed chains
  • Includes two spare driving pins

See more at Park Tool.