Kyle’s Got the Right (FBM) Idea Aug 2, 2012

Photo by Kyle Kelley

In fact, Kyle’s Sword has led me to pick one up and probably do the same thing. I wanted a beat-it-to-hell track bike to travel with and lock up at bars / wheelie / thrash around on but I didn’t want to go with a Taiwanese bike. I had completely forgotten about the FBM Sword (as has most of the world). Maybe it’s time for a little Sword resurgence? Made in the USA. Built by dudes who like to party and infused with dragon blood.

And of course Megan at Moth Attack is putting S&S on this beast.

  • iStone

    I wish they had the cosmetically damaged ones in a normal size!

  • Matt Johannsen

    It looks like they cut off the integrated headset mounts too.  My Sword is sitting waiting to be built.

    • Nah, Kyle has a 1 1/8″ press-in cups model (only one ever made).

  • they are too small for me. 

  • Herbz. Flesh

    Yes! I took a old v4 or v3 volume cutter, put a surly steamroller fork on it and been beating the shit out of it for the past couple years with good results!

  • about 5 years deep on my sword frame after beating it to shit. Still rides like the first day i bought it. #stevecrandallftw

  • B3pkay

    I would have never thought building up a Sword would lead me to where it has in the world of track cycling.  Original intention was as a ride around town bike but I have taken it to Dick Lane and Giordana; it preforms well on the track.  Home town upstate NY Binghamton love!